Crab Orchard welcomes students back to school

Published 6:11 pm Friday, August 25, 2023

By Abigail Roberts


CRAB ORCHARD – August is a time that Crab Orchard community leaders look forward to each year because it means it’s time to welcome students back to school.

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As Crab Orchard Elementary students stepped off the bus for their first day of school, they were greeted by various community leaders as they entered the building and given a gift to start the year off right.

It’s the community’s way of showing support to students and staff, said Crab Orchard City Clerk Nancy Baker.

“For the past 4 years, the community leaders of the city of Crab Orchard like to welcome the children back to school on the first day back,” Baker said. “We meet them at each entry port and give them hugs, high fives, pass out gifts and most importantly well wishes for a great school year.”

Each student receives a gift, paid for by the City of Crab Orchard.

“This year the gift was a nylon string backpack with ‘Crab Orchard Elementary, Go Cubs’ printed on the backpack. We purchased 275 backpacks,” Baker said.

It’s a day that Crab Orchard leaders look forward to, she said.

“We want the children to know that as a community we are all so very proud of them and are here to support them,” Baker said. “This small gesture is just another way we can build a better bond with administrators of our school and, of course, our children.”

Those who participated in this year’s welcome back includes:

• Lonnie Pruitt – Redi Mart

• Dan Gutenson – Magistrate

• Curt Estep – Floyd’s Barber Shop

• Steve Adams – Interim Postmaster

• Larry Owsley – Crab Orchard Fire Chief

• Jeff Caisse – Firefighter

• Kenny Manuel – Commissioner

• Mike Eldridge – Commissioner

• Jimmy Gipson – Crab Orchard Police Chief

• Mike Mullins – Constable

• Tina Smith – Water Clerk

• Nancy Baker – City Clerk

• Sharon Roberts – Past Time Cafe