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EMH is requiring all associates to have COVID vaccination; urges the public to get theirs too

Ephraim McDowell Health is seeing an increase of COVID-19 hospitalizations. Our hard-working health care workers have fought hard against this virus for more than a ... Read more

1 month ago by Special to The Interior Journal.

Driving under the influence of technology

The phone rings. You answer it. After all, every call is important, right? Same thing with a text message, or an alert from social media. ... Read more

2 months ago by Jeff Moreland.

Where does my blood donation go? You can now find out!

Donors can now see where their blood was used I’ve never been a fan of needles, and getting a shot was something I used to ... Read more

2 months ago by Jeff Moreland.

‘Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today’

Men’s Health Awareness Month We’ve all heard the age-old saying, “women tend to live longer than men,” but have we ever stopped ourselves and wondered ... Read more

4 months ago by The Interior Journal.

Skin cancer risks and ways to protect yourself this summer

With summer right around the corner, there isn’t a better time than now to discuss skin damage and skin cancer. May is Skin Cancer Awareness ... Read more

5 months ago by The Interior Journal.

McConnell and Barr: Thoroughbred racing is well-positioned for the future. Here’s why

The Kentucky Derby is called the most exciting two minutes in sports. This week, fans from around the globe will turn their attention once again ... Read more

5 months ago by The Interior Journal.

Girdler discusses wrap-up of legislative session

It was a privilege to serve you and our district at the Capitol during the 2021 Regular Session. At this same time last year, no ... Read more

5 months ago by The Interior Journal.

Vaccine doses filled with hope and optimism

By Mitch McConnell U.S. Senate Republican Leader We’ve witnessed a modern, medical miracle over the last 12 months. Multiple safe and highly effective COVID-19 vaccines ... Read more

5 months ago by The Interior Journal.

How has your life changed since COVID arrived?
We would like to hear from you

It’s been more than a year since most of us have seen at least some aspect of our lives turned upside down by the arrival ... Read more

5 months ago by Jeff Moreland.

Will Kentucky’s State Senate preserve the people’s voice?

By Richard Nelson Commonwealth Policy Center The most consequential pro-life bill in my lifetime is being considered by the Kentucky State Senate. What’s fascinating about ... Read more

6 months ago by The Interior Journal.

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