Former LC fire chief, firefighter indicted for arson, insurance fraud

Published 12:32 pm Thursday, January 18, 2024

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By Abigail Roberts 


STANFORD – A Lincoln County grand jury has indicted a former Lincoln County Fire Chief and a former firefighter on arson-related charges including insurance fraud.

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Former Fire Chief Danny Glass, 66, of 75 Shearer Lane in Stanford, as well as Dagan J. Robbins, 20, also of 75 Shearer Lane, were both indicted Jan. 12 by a Lincoln County grand jury on one count of Fraudulent Insurance Acts, second-degree arson, and complicity to arson (second-degree).

According to the indictment, on June 27, 2023, Dagan Robbins allegedly committed the offense of arson second degree by starting a fire with the intent to destroy or damage a building belonging to Danny Glass, to collect or facilitate the collection of insurance proceeds for such loss.

On that same day, the indictment states that Glass committed the offense of complicity to arson second-degree by “counseling, planning, promoting or aiding Dagan Robbins in committing the offense of arson second-degree.”

Both Robbins and Glass were indicted on one count of fraudulent insurance acts according to the court records.

The indictment states that both Robbins and Glass, “On or about June 2023 through August 2023 committed the offense of Fraudulent Insurance Acts, by knowingly, with intent to defraud or deceive, presenting or preparing a written or oral statement as part of, or in support of, a claim for payment or other benefit pursuant to an insurance policy, knowing the statement contains false, incomplete, or misleading information concerning any fact or thing material to the claim, and where the claim or benefit is greater than $10,000.”

Current Lincoln County Fire Chief Eric Davidson said both Glass and Robbins were serving as firefighters at the time of the alleged crime but as soon as he learned of the investigation they were suspended from service.

“They have not been firefighters for a couple months now,” Davidson said. “I got rid of them back when I heard they were being investigated.”

Both Glass and Robbins were serving for Fire Station 1, he said.

“Our policy states, whether it’s us investigating our own firemen like on a complaint from another fireman, or another agency, that’s our policy, is to suspend them during the investigation until we find a corrective action,” he said.

Davidson said it is not behavior that he wants associated with the Lincoln County Fire Department.

Glass served as Lincoln County’s Fire Chief for several years before retiring in 2022. He served as a firefighter until the recent investigation.

Bail has been set at $25,000 for both Glass and Robbins. An arraignment has been scheduled for 10 a.m. on Feb. 23.

Detective Damon Stevens testified for the Kentucky State Police.