Area births

Published 6:15 am Tuesday, January 17, 2023

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Births recorded in recently at Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center in Danville.

• Nov. 8, male, Carson Ray Campbell, born to Delaney and Alex Campbell of Danville.

• Nov. 9, male, Nevan Elias Lizarraga, born to Maressa Velasquez and Hernan Lizarraga of Liberty.

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• Nov. 10, female, Adalynn Nicole Ritchey, born to Kayln Lawson and Jacob Ritchey of Harrodsburg.

• Nov. 11, male, Bryson Dewayne Tingle, born to Andralynne Wrenn and Hunter Tingle of Springfield.

• Nov. 12, female, Haelyn Mae Graves, born to Shakari Johnson and Hayden Graves of Danville.

• Nov. 12, female, Maggie Jo Thompson, born to Allison and Wesley Thompson of Waynesburg.

• Nov. 14, male, Lincoln Maverick Grider, born to Katie Montgomery and Todd Grider of Danville.

• Nov. 15, male, Luka David Ayala, born to Mikayla and Noe Ayala of Danville.

• Nov. 16, female, Katherine Baleigh Jo Smith, born to Jordan McCarty of Lebanon and Jacob Smith of Gravel Switch.

• Nov. 17, female, Emme Indigo Stone Arnett, born to Mariah Hoffa and Wesley Arnett of Danville.

• Nov. 17, female, Mia Nichole Reichle, born to Amanda and Daren Reichle of Stanford.

• Nov. 20, female, Avery Kate Lanham, born to Leah and Austin Lanham of Gravel Switch.

• Nov. 21, female, Laney Marie Atwood, born to Elizabeth Cochran and Matthew Atwood of Liberty.

• Nov. 21, male, Ezra Nile Crisp, born to Shelby and Azrey Crisp of Stanford.

• Nov. 22, female, Hallie Jean Jones, born to Maggie and Kristopher Jones of Danville.

• Nov. 22, female, Harper Mae Pearce, born to Cassandra and Caden Pearce of Danville.

• Nov. 25, male, Judah Lee Furkin, born to Deshay Franklin and James Furkin of Columbia.

• Nov. 27, male, James Ray Dickie, born to Brooke Willis and Dreyven Dickie of Hustonville.

• Nov. 28, female, Charlotte James Sexton, born to Katlyn and Jacob Sexton of Harrodsburg.

• Nov. 28, female, Elsie Ruth King, born to Lena and John King of Russell Springs.

• Dec. 1, male, Carter Bentley Underwood, born to Jessica Crowe and Joshua Underwood of Liberty.

• Dec. 5, female, Lydia Willow Marie Luttrell, born to Brittany and Michael Luttrell of Harrodsburg.

• Dec. 6, female, Blanche Gonzalez-Mendoza,  born to Maria Mendoza and Roman Gonzalez of Lancaster.

• Dec. 11, male, Miles Cameron Henzman, born to Sarah and Cameron Henzman of Danville.

• Dec. 12, male,  Silas Anderson Campbell, born to Emily and Ethan Campbell of Harrodsburg.

• Dec. 13, male, Josey Bryan Modesto Raymundo, born to Julie Ramsey and Andrew Raymundo of Stanford.

• Dec. 16, male, Tatum Michael Simmons, born to Shelby and Nate Simmons of Danville.

• Dec. 20, Kightley Blaire Kendrick, born to Tahee and Matthew Kendrick of Harrodsburg.

• Dec. 20, Nicholas Ryan Lee Estes, born to Kristen Fisher and Brandon Estes of Danville.

• Dec. 20, female, Wilhelmina Jade Lyons, born to Sarah and Herbert Lyons of Harrodsburg.

• Dec. 21, female, Alyssa Jane Baker, born to Jessica and Eric Baker of Parksville.

• Dec. 22, male, Augustus Rhett Floyd, born to Olivia Leach and Eli Floyd from Waynesburg.

• Dec. 23, female, Gypsy Kaylynn Sorrell, born to Elizabeth McQueary and Christopher Sorrell of Columbia.

• Dec. 24, female, Madison Harlynn Lane, born to Kortnee Lane of Stanford and Jarrett Lane of Junction City.

• Dec. 26, female, Isabella Jean Tarkington, born to Kellie and Samuel Tarkington of Danville.

• Dec. 27, male, Jonathan Russell Lucas, born to Shelby Hardin and Jonathan C. Lucas of Harrodsburg.

• Dec. 28, female, Ashleigh Nicole Johnston, born to Shaely Cole and Randy Johnston of Danville.

• Dec. 30, male, Kacey Elliott Wade, born to Kerry and Kaleb Wade of Harrodsburg.

• Dec. 30, male, Iyali Namor Andres Vaught, born to Alicia and Clayton Vaught of Danville.

• Jan. 1, male, Kenneth DeForest Shell, born to Ivy Wandle and Daniel Shell of Springfield. *NEW YEAR’S BABY-FIRST BABY OF 2023*

• Jan. 1, male, Lucian Roy Schemanski, born to Jasmine Musick and Mackinley Schemanski of Harrodsburg.

• Jan. 3, male, Mateo Cruz Saucedo, born to Makayla Cecil of Campbellsville and Oscar Saucedo of Springfield.

• Jan. 5, male, Jacob Hendrix Wiley, born to Jessica Wiley and Jacob Rayborn of Perryville.

• Jan. 5, male, Riggins Jo McKinney, born to Chloe Prewitt and Levi McKinney of Danville.

• Jan. 6, male, Alexander Wesley Michael Lowery, born to Elizabeth Matusz and Dylan Lowery of Bradfordsville, KY.