Not everyone can be the best

Published 5:11 pm Monday, August 15, 2022

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I was watching television recently and noticed that every commercial claimed that their product was better than the competition. While it may be true that 4 out of 5 dentists agree that some toothpaste was the best, I’d like to hear the thoughts of that 5 th dentist that never gets their opinions heard. The commercials had their intended effect because suddenly, I had to have that juicy hamburger that was advertising that said it was the best in the land. I almost had a heart attack when I saw that it cost eight dollars. Since I wasn’t willing to sell my plasma just to buy a hamburger, I decided to fill my craving with something else, so I headed to the grocery store. As I walked the aisles, I noticed again that almost every product had some claim at being the best. I find it interesting that some sports team claims to be the best in the world after winning the championship although the rest of the world wasn’t even playing.

That’s convenient don’t you think?

I noticed some products made no claim at being anything other than cheap and had no desire to be the best. They are just fine making an inferior product. They leave all that success nonsense to others.

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I’ve known a few people like that in my time. I recall buying a ring for my first girlfriend in high school. I couldn’t understand why anyone would shell out hundreds for a ring when right beside them were rings that cost 20 bucks. I found out why later when she broke up with me sporting a green stain around her finger.

When I was in the 4 th grade, our teacher held a story writing contest. This caught my interest because I have always enjoyed writing. I constantly watched other kids in the class pick up on those complicated math problems while I sat and scratched my head. I was stuck trying to figure out why Mary would give Sally two apples and give Patty six instead of taking them home and eating them herself.

When the teacher read all the entries, my story was the best. For a few shining moments, I felt like I was number one. Then math class started, and I returned to my usual place feeling like the abominable snowman in those old Bugs Bunny cartoons that would hug you and call you George.

Many years later, I committed myself to being the best at whatever adventure I found myself in. As a result, three of my published books have gone on to be some of the top sellers for the publisher. One, has even been shipped to every state in the nation as well as three countries. Still, sometimes all that government cheese that I ate as a kid seems to stop up my brain and causes me to be less than my best.

One such incident was a few years ago when I bought a new television from the Sears catalog. When it arrived, it was missing the remote control. I decided to drive to the local store to handle this in person. I was determined to get my way and not take no for an answer and wouldn’t let the clerk get a word in edgewise. Finally, the clerk managed to interrupt me enough to tell me that she agreed with me.

However, the problem was that I was not actually in Sears. That store was next door. I was in a hardware store. I left with my face redder than a beat. Oh well, I guess not everyone can be the best all the time.