Paschal believes playoff expansion is a good thing

Published 7:00 am Friday, August 6, 2021

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The proposed College Football Playoff expansion will likely increase playoff teams from four to 12 and count UK senior defensive lineman Josh Paschal as a believer in the change.

“Unfortunately, I won’t be able to experience it. I think it will be a good change just because I think it will bring a lot of competition to the stage because you’re going to have an expansion of that so there’s going to be more teams to get involved,” Paschal said. “It won’t be like, if you’re fifth in the country, you’re automatically out of it. So I think it will bring a lot of competition.”

For a team like Kentucky, that’s big because knowing being in the top 12, not the top four, could result in a playoff berth is a more realistic expectation. However, Paschal doesn’t think it would change the way teams he has been on have played.

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“I know that we gave it our all each season. Especially at Kentucky, we’ve been through a lot, not only in Kentucky football but in our athletic program. We took a lot of losses in our athletic program, especially with coach Schlarman and the football program, and of course with (linebacker) Chris Oats,” Paschal said. “Playing lightly is something that we don’t do, so I think we’re all good with that.”

Some have questioned what impact adding more games — probably three — might have on athletes. Paschal understands the concern.

“That would be a lot of games, but at the same time, if you want to be the champion, you’ve got to do it. I don’t think that would really raise a concern to the people that actually get into the playoff expansion,” Paschal said.