Lincoln Co. Fair Floral Hall results

Published 12:10 pm Thursday, July 18, 2019

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Results from the 2019 Lincoln County Fair Floral Hall follow:

Home Furnishings

Lauren Smith, wooden/tin item; Darrin Smith, wall hanging; Courtney Brock, folk art item; Eli Stoltman, any pottery item; Zyaya Crosby, decorated basket; Darrin Smith, small woodworking item; Betty McReaken, modpage item; Phyllis Patterson, plastic canvas item; Betty McReaken, woven reed basket; Eli Stoltman, stenciled item; Bev Robb, theme table setting; Betty McReaken, decoupaged item; Darrin Smith, wooden patriotic item; Courtney Brock, patriotic item; Betty McReaken, tuffet, Division and Overall Champion; Betty McReaken, any other item.

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Jayne Peek, crocheted afghan ripple; Rosa Bertram, crocheted afghan baby; Courtney Brock, crocheted basket; Courtney Brock, baby’s crocheted item; Jayne Peek, small crocheted item; Courtney Brock, crocheted toy; Courtney Brock, knitted accessory; Betty McReaken, quilt, art; Marti Dickerson, quilt top; Lyndsey Cook, baby quilt; Betty McReaken, quilted tabletop runner; Marti Dickerson, small quilted item; Marti Dickerson, any other quilt, Division champion; Rosa Bertram, pillowcases; Betty McReaken, pillowcases; Dorothea Schlappi, creative needlecraft; Bev Robb, any other crocheted item; Phyllis Patterson, any other pillow; Marti Dickerson, wall hangings; Marti Dickerson, patriotic quilt; Rosa Bertram, candlewickng item; Phyllis Patterson, Swedish weaving; Courtney Brock, small knitted item; Bev Robb, chicken scratch; Betty McReaken, item, machine embroidered; Taylor Wesley, item hand embroidered; Betty McReaken, jelly roll quilt; Betty McReaken, jelly roll rug.

Creative Crafts

Judy Oaks, wreath; Betty McReaken, Christmas door decoration; Betty McReaken, any other Christmas craft; Stephanie Key, Christmas tree ornament; Dorothea Schlappi, homemade cloth bear; Betty McReaken, item made from buttons; Lyndsey Cook, school/college craft; Debbie Garrett, creative birdhouse; Phyllis Patterson, gourd art; Wanda Patterson, recycled item; Janet Hatter, card making; Courtney Brock, soap making; Jo Ann Miller decorations for other holidays; Bev Robb, item decorated with buttons; Debbie Garrett, scrapbooking page, people; Debbie Garrett, scrapbooking page, activity; Debbie Garrett, scrapbooking page, any other; Darrin Smith, wood carving; Jayne Peek, hair accessory; Marti Dickerson, appliqued shirts; Courtney Brock, shirt with iron-on design; Bev Robb, nature craft; Joann Miller, spring craft, Division champion; Nina Wesley, summer craft; Phyllis Patterson, fall craft; Phyllis Patterson, winter craft; Aurora Dowell, paper craft; Betty McReaken, quilling; Esther Bailey, finger crochet item; Van Moletech, any other craft.

Food Preservation

Phyllis Patterson, tomatoes; Phyllis Patterson, tomato juice; Rosa Bertram, dried apples; Susan Miller, greens, Division champion; Bev Robb, salsa; Gracie Gilbert, beet pickles; Phyllis Patterson, blackberry jelly; Phyllis Patterson, grape jelly; Phyllis Patterson, apple jelly; Bev Robb, strawberry preserves; Bev Robb, peach preserves; Phyllis Patterson, conserves; Leanne Jacobs, any other jelly, jams, preserves; Phyllis Patterson, any other food.


Kasey Padgett , yeast bread; Rosa Bertram, biscuits; Rosa Bertram, sugar cookies; Rosa Bertram, corn muffins; Kasey Padgett, pound cake; Marti Dckerson, bundt cake; Kasey Padgett, decorated cake; Marti Dckerson, your favorite cake; Courtey Brock, brownies; Rosa Bertram, chocolate fudge; Judy Oaks, peanut butter fudge; Michelle Padgett, your favorite cookies; Marti Dckerson, any other fruit, Division champion; Kasey Padgett, coffee cake; Rosa Bertram, specialty bread; Yvondia Jacobs, no bake cookies; Yvondia Jacobs, peanut butter cookies; Kasey Padgett, other bar cookies; Kasey Padgett, decorated cupcakes.

Additional results will be published in next week’s IJ.