Lincoln Sheriff’s Office donates car to Perryville Police Department

Published 12:31 pm Thursday, March 7, 2019

STANFORD – When the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office heard the Perryville Police Department was in need of a second police vehicle, they decided to pay forward the help they’ve received in the past and donate one to the department.

The 2004 Ford Crown Victoria was a gift the Perryville Police Department was happy to receive, according to Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Mullins.

“They didn’t have but one car and it’s given them a lot of problems,” Mullins said. “They’ve got two officers and they’re a two-man department.”

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The car was originally donated by the Jessamine County Sheriff’s Office to Lincoln County about three years ago, Mullins said.

The car was fully equipped, minus a radio, he said.

Mullins said after learning about the need in Perryville, Lincoln County reached out to Chief Parker Hatter and offered to help.

“We’ve been blessed through hard times with the help and I think it’s a good time for us to pay it forward,” Mullins said.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office also donated several uniforms, gun belts and ballistic vests to the Casey County Sheriff’s Office, he added, as well as two Tasers.

“We (Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office) just updated our Tasers,” he said.

The department went with what Mullins called the “Taser 60 Plan,” which will allow the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office to lease Tasers.

“We pay payments each year for five years and we get brand new Tasers at the end of five years and re-up the lease,” he said. “This year we got 10 new Tasers.”

By trading in eight Tasers this year, the annual payment will be about $1,800, he said.

The annual payments after this year will be about $2,600.

The Tasers will now be covered under warranty, he added, and the lease plan will prevent the department from having to come up with a large sum of money to purchase several Tasers at a time.

Mullins said most Tasers, including the accessories, are about $1,200 to $1,500 each to purchase.