Sheriff’s Office announces 2019 traffic checkpoints

Published 1:08 pm Thursday, February 21, 2019

Staff report

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting periodic traffic safety checkpoints at several locations throughout the community in 2019.

These checkpoints will be conducted in an effort to enforce the traffic laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Sheriff’s Office will be looking for occupant protection (use of seatbelts), sobriety, insurance, and registration violations.

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The traffic checkpoints for 2019 are:

KY Hwy 39 North at Preachersville Rd.

U.S. 150 at Copper Creek Rd.

U.S. 150 at KY Hwy 39

U.S. 150 at KY Hwy 643

U.S. 150 at Deep Well Woods Rd.

Ky. 39 South at KY Hwy 618

Ky. 39 South at Old Bee Lick Rd.

U.S. 27 North at Gilbert’s Creek Rd.

Goshen Road at Mockingbird Lane

Ky. 1247 Loop 1 at North Old Ottenheim Rd.

U.S. 27 South at Lincoln Co. High School

U.S. 27 South at Ky. 501

U.S. 27 South at Ky. 1781

Ky. 501 at Fishing Creek

Angel Ridge at Moccasin

Ky. 501 at Angel Ridge

Cemetery Rd. at Walnut Grove

Ky. 328 at Ky. 3276

Ky. 328 at David Williams Rd.

Fishing Creek at Pond School Rd.

Ky. 643 at Ky. 1948

Ky. 1948 at Ky. 1781

Ky. 300 at Hatcher Lane

Ky. 300 at Ky. 78

Ky. 78 at U.S. 127

Ky. 1194 at U.S. 127

Bowen Rd. at U.S. 127

Green Valley at U.S. 127

Harris Creek at Ky. 2141

Spears Lane at Ky. 2141

Carl Russell at Ky. 2141

KY Hwy 698 at Ky. 1778

Ky. 1770 at Cedar Creek Lake

Station 4 at Geneva-McKinney Rd.

Ky. 198 at Griffin Concrete

Ky. 78 at KY Hwy 198

Evergreen Circle at Ky. 1273

Geneva-McKinney Rd. at Ky. 698