Fiscal court approves rehire of appointed employees

Published 11:39 am Thursday, February 7, 2019

One of the first orders of business for the Lincoln County Fiscal Court to start the new year was the rehiring/hiring of appointed employees.

The court, composed of Magistrates David Faulkner, Lonnie Pruitt, Jeff Ruckel and Joe Stanley, reviewed and approved the list presented before them by Judge Jim W. Adams Jr. in its Jan. 8 meeting.

The following employees were approved:

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Bo Gander, County Road Supervisor – $25.76/hr.

Rhonda McBee, Judge’s Assistant – $18.69/hr.

Lonnie Allen, Heavy Equipment Operator – $18.38/hr.

Russell L. Brown, Truck Driver – $15.50/hr.

John E. Carrier, Full-Time – $11.68/hr.

Timothy D. Combs, Heavy Equipment Operator – $17.36/hr.

Dale Lancaster, Truck Driver – $15.50/hr.

Roger Allan Ledford, Heavy Equipment Operator – $16.55/hr.

Jeffrey N. Scott, Heavy Equipment Operator (Part-Time) – $13.00/hr.

George Miller, Truck Driver – $15.50/hr.

Jeremy D. VanHook, Heavy Equipment Operator – $17.36/hr.

Don A. Walls, Heavy Equipment Operator – $16.55/hr.

Sheila Hopkins, Secretary – $13.00/hr.

Michael Brown, Truck Driver – $15.50/hr.

James Wells, Heavy Equipment Operator – $16.55/hr.

Nathan Bohlman, Assistant Mechanic – $15.50/hr.

Lucas Wilburn, Mechanic – $17.36/hr.

Darlene Lanham, Finance Officer – $39,066/yr.

Tony Saylor, Dog Shelter Assistant – $13.00/hr.

Rita Morris, County Attorney Paralegal – $18,538/yr.

Benjamin Bunch, Public Works – $17.36/hr.

Beth Boyle, Parks Director – $45,646/yr.

Dennis Martin, Assistant Parks Director – $14.24/hr.

David Snyder, County Dog Warden – $15.50/hr.

Donnie Gilliam, Emergency Management Director – $32,723/yr.

Trish O’Quin, EMA Assistant Director (Part-Time) – $11.00/hr.

Glenn Smith, Dog Shelter Assistant (Part-Time) – $11.00/hr.

Paul Snyder, Dog Shelter Assistant (Part-Time) – $10.50/hr.

Doris Hastie, Fiscal Court Clerk (Part-Time) – $7,560/yr.

Judy Hester, P&Z (Part-Time) – $13.00/hr.

Rhonda Marshbanks, Assistant (Part-Time) – $13.00/hr.

Irene Jaggers, Historical Preservation (Part-Time) – $2,520/yr.

In other business conducted in meetings on Jan. 8 and Jan. 22, the court approved the following:

– Approved naming Magistrate David Faulkner as deputy judge executive.

– Approved removing former Magistrate Johnnie Padgett as a third-party check signer and replacing him with Faulkner.

– Appointment of Larry Dunn to Lincoln County Sanitation Board.

– Appointed Linda Dunn to Board of Adjustments replacing Jerry Wilson.

– Appointed Brian Jenkins as Hazardous Materials Coordinator.

– Approved payment of $780 to Barry Restorations for work done on third floor of Lincoln County Courthouse.

– Lincoln County Parks asked to surplus 1997 Ford pickup that was vandalized. Court approved doing a sealed bid auction.

– Voted to eliminate any claim on Angela Drive as a public right-of-way.

– Approved 338-page Emergency Operations Plan presented by Lincoln County Emergency Management Director Don Gilliam.
Gilliam also presented a summary of Emergency Alert System Calls for 2018. The total was 74: Boil Water Advisories – 14; Exercise Announcements – 4; Gas Leaks – 3; Severe Weather – 13; Flood Warnings – 5; Tornado Alerts – 5; Search and Rescue – 28; Test Alerts – 2.

– Approved agreement increasing tonage to eight tons on bridge on Old Ottenheim Road. The state will pay $124,000 on bridge replacement and the county will be responsible for 20% in-kind or cash.

– Approved accepting Lily Lane (400 ft.) in Crab Orchard into county maintenance. It is for gravel only.