Published 2:19 pm Thursday, January 31, 2019

By Dorothea Schlappi

Sorry, I haven’t had much news to report, but I’m back.

There are so many people sick including Debbie Brown, Melvin Denny, Gloria Saylor, David K., and Judy Wooden.
The wind last week got pretty strong, strong enough to rip a couple of building roofs in the area partially off, boards plus the tin.

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This time of year is so hard on the farmers and animals. One farmer in the area lost six head of cattle last week. Hay is short due to all the rain we had last summer, it was hard to get good hay put up. People are begging for hay of any kind to get them through the winter into spring.

The Rev. Peter Joseph, pastor of St. Sylvester Church is visiting his family in India for a while.

Remember the families of Christine Ollish who passed away last week, especially her sister, Ann Doss and family at Halls Gap and also the family of Larry “Pup” Doss who passed away on Monday, Jan. 28.