Magistrict District 2 candidate left off a sample ballot

Published 2:34 pm Friday, November 2, 2018

STANFORD — A Democrat running for Magistrate District 2 was left off a sample ballot published in the Nov. 1 issue of The Interior Journal.

Terry Pettit, who is challenging Republican incumbent Lonnie Lee Pruitt for the magistrate’s seat, was left off the B101 Crab Orchard #1 Split 2 and B102 Crab Orchard #2 Split 2 ballot.

Pruitt, who has the number one spot on the ballot, and Pettit are listed correctly on the other sample ballots – B101 Crab Orchard #1 Split 1, B102 Crab Orchard #2 Split 1 and B104 Stanford #5 Splite 1 – but on the Split 2 ballots Pettit’s name was inadvertently replaced by Dennis Miller’s.

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It should be noted that these are the sample ballots.