LC Fair horticulture exhibit winners

Published 11:49 am Thursday, August 9, 2018


Eileen Sneed, blueberries; Kirk Jones, cantaloupe; Eileen Sneed, blackberries; Kirk Jones, watermelon, division champion.

Field Crop

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Avery Wesley, single ear yellow; Alan Hubble, 10 ears yellow corn, division champion.


Wanda Patterson, potted African violet, division champion; Yvondia Jacobs, blooming plant; Yvondia Jacobs, hanging basket; Yvondia Jacobs, hanging basket; Wanda Patterson, zinnias, 3 blooms; Phyllis Patterson, marigolds, 3 blooms; Yvondia Jacobs, foliage; Ray Manning, any 3 different perennials, division champion; Phyllis Patterson, any 3 different annuals.


Kirk Jones, onions, white; Susan Miller, red tomatoes; Susan Miller, yellow tomatoes; Kirk Jones, green tomatoes; Kirk Jones, other tomatoes; Kirk Jones, bell peppers; Ray Manning, banana peppers; Kirk Jones, garden corn; Rosa Bertram, onions yellow; Ray Manning, garlic; Kirk Jones, pole beans; Phyllis Patterson, white potatoes; Kirk Jones, cucumbers, slicing; Yvondia Jacobs, cucumbers, pickling; Yvondia Jacobs, beets; Guy Jones, zucchini; Eileen Sneed, yellow summer squash; Guy Jones, peas; Kirk Jones, cabbage; Ray Manning, any gourd, dried; Rosa Bertram, purple onions; Ron Tillett, biggest cabbage; Ray Manning, any other vegetable; Ray Manning, onions, green; Susan Miller, vegetable exhibit, division champion.

Floriculture Arrangements

Ray Manning, miniature flowers; Bev Robb, small flowers; Rosa Bertram, mantel arrangement; Wanda Patterson, marigolds arrangement; Bev Robb, roadside flowers, division champion; Ray Manning, herb arrangement; Ray Manning, ornamental arrangement; Ray Manning, dried arrangement; Phyllis Patterson, wildflower arrangement.

Floral Specimens

Ray Manning, Asiatic lily; Eileen Sneed, any other gladioli; Braxton Smith, pink gladioli; Eileen Sneed, yellow/orange gladioli; Bev Robb, miniature rose 1 bloom; Braxton Smith, gladioli with largest # buds; Phyllis Patterson, petunia; Ray Manning, zinnia, large; Eileen Sneed, zinnia, small; Anna Stoltman, any other perennial, division and grand champion; Rosa Bertram, Gloriosa; Bev Robb, any other tea rose; Bev Robb, yellow tea rose; Bev Robb, miniature rose; Bev Robb, pink tea rose; Wanda Patterson, day lily yellow; Owen Stoltman, day lily red; Eli Stoltman, day lily pink; Ray Manning, day lily bi-color; Brenda Ellis, any other day lily; Anna Stoltman, day lily each; Ray Manning, marigold; Bev Robb, marigold; Ray Manning, any other annual; Joann Miller, calla lily, ink; Ray Manning, sunflower; Eileen Sneed, tiger lily; Phyllis Patterson, any wildflower; Ray Manning, ornamental grass; Ray Manning, any herbs; Ray Manning, hydrangea; Ray Manning, chrysanthum; Eileen Sneed, rose of sharon.
Phyllis Patterson, Grand Champion Exhibitor.

Youth Horticulture Division

Pascha Mullins, terrarium; Henry Padgett, house plant; Maranda Young, herb container garden; Kasey Padgett, hanging basket; Allison Miller, cucumbers pickling; Allison Miller, bud vase arrangement; Avery Wesley, single bloom petunia; Anna Stoltman, free style arrangement; Jaylia Reynolds, marigold; Allison Miller, rose; Allison Miller, zinnia; Allison Miller, other annual bloom; Avery Wesley, coleus foliage; Allison Miller, dahlia bloom; Allison Miller, blooming potted plant; Allison Miller, sweet peppers; Allison Miller, tomatoes; Allison Miller, bell peppers; Allison Miller, hot peppers; Allison Miller, cucumbers, slicing; Allison Miller, tomatoes, heirloom; Allison Miller, beans; Allison Miller, largest watermelon; Allison Miller, largest tomato; Jaylia Reynolds, peas; Allison Miller, white potatoes; Allison Miller, onions; Kasey Padgett, cabbage; Anna Stoltman, carrots; Allison Miller, beets; Allison Miller, zuccinni squash; Kasey Padgett, yellow summer squash; Allison Miller, grapes; Jaylia Reynolds, June apples; Allison Miller, blackberries; Avery Wesley, yellow corn; Avery Wesley, yellow shelled corn.
Allison Miller, Outstanding 4-H exhibitor.
Rabbit Club, Outstanding 4-H Club.