Lincoln Board of Ed delays budget discussion after governor’s vetoes

Published 11:02 am Thursday, April 12, 2018

By Kendra Peek

The Interior Journal

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A special-called meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Education was held Monday in order to consider budget recommendations, but that subject was tabled due to Gov. Matt Bevin’s decision to veto budget and tax bills passed by the legislature.

Chief Academic Officer Jackie Risden-Smith explained the decision during the meeting.

“With the governor’s news around the budget and not having any type of stability with that plan as we had coming in today … It felt like it was best to hold off,” she said.

The district wants to wait until they have more information, Risden-Smith said.

Kim Dillard, president of the Lincoln County Education Association, also spoke to the board, thanking them for supporting district members who had gone to Frankfort last Thursday, when the legislature voted to pass pension reform.

Board chair Tom Blankenship said, “This is a very challenging time for educators right now … There’s not much board members can do, I guess, but give you moral support and wish you the very best in the days ahead.”