Fair organizers hope for mild temps, sunny skies

Published 1:39 pm Thursday, June 29, 2017


STANFORD — Get ready for a week of what Lincoln County is made of — on Monday, the fair will be back in town.

Fireworks. Knick-knacks. Foods. Contests, contests and more contests. All the stuff of county-fair legend will be on full display.

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Four of the last five years, including last year, have been mired by rain, so the organizers are hoping for sunny skies to factor into a successful week.

“People think we get rich out there, and we actually had to borrow some money to get to this point in the year,” said special events coordinator Dan Grigson, noting insurance and utilities run more than $20,000 per year. “All those things just killed us. We need a pretty week so we can have some good crowds there, so we can … pay back what we owe and get back to square one.”

This year will feature some new attractions, and having gone without a rodeo last year, the Lincoln County Fair is bringing it back. The fair will also feature pig races for the first time in about a decade, according to Grigson.

“(One group) has a petting zoo — we’ve got zebras, llamas, animals out of Mexico I’ve never seen before,” he said, noting other new attractions including camel and pony rides.

What’s more, the fireworks will be on Monday to lead into July 4.

“We were kind of thinking, ‘Well, everyone’s got to go back to work on the fifth, so let’s do it on Monday night,’” Grigson said. “That kicks off the fair, and they can take in the fireworks and … still be off the next day.”

A catalog with additional information can be found at http://www.lincolnfair.net. Admission is $10 per person at the gate, and no alcohol or firearms are permitted on the fairgrounds at any time.

“We strive to be the best County Fair we can by providing many family-oriented activities and events,” President Ronnie Cooper said in a press release. “We value community pride, unselfish service, and fairness in all our dealings.”