Help a 4-Her: Renewing farm tags benefits 4-H program

Published 1:33 pm Thursday, March 30, 2017

4-H has an opportunity to raise funds for Lincoln County and statewide 4-H programs through the Kentucky Ag Tag Donation program.
Since 2012, Kentucky farmers have the option to make a $10 voluntary donation when they purchase or renew their license plate. Commissioner of Agriculture, Ryan Quarles, will again equally divide the amount raised among 4-H, FFA and Kentucky Proud. As an individual that makes the voluntary donation for your farm vehicle, you help 4-H grow strong leaders for tomorrow, advance agricultural education in Kentucky, and promote Kentucky farm products.
Farmers can make the donation of $10 when renewing their farm license plates at the county clerk’s office in March. With more than 184,000 farm plates bought or renewed each year in Kentucky, the commissioner’s action can generate significant funds to support these three outstanding programs.
“Kentucky 4-H has again been given a tremendous opportunity by Commissioner Quarles to raise significant funds to support 4-H,” said Melissa G. Miller, Interim Executive Director of the Kentucky 4-H Foundation. “The donations made to the Ag Tag Donation program will help 4-H give young people around the Commonwealth opportunities that develop leadership, citizenship, and life skills in a learn-by- doing atmosphere.”
Over 279,000 youth are involved in Kentucky’s 4-H program. Kentucky ranks in top 10 in several 4-H enrollment categories nationwide. All 120 counties in Kentucky have 4-H programs, and all counties will receive a portion of the support from the Ag Tag Donation program.
Last year Kentucky 4-H received $184,237, from the Ag Tag Donations. These funds are split between the county where the funds originated and the Kentucky 4-H Foundation for state level programs.
That means half of the Ag Tag donation stays in Lincoln County funding programs and activities that teach children and teens about leadership, citizenship, science and technology, communications, public speaking, agriculture, and more.
Lincoln County 4-H’s share for 2016 was $620 and benefited programs such as 4-H Camp Scholarships and the 4-H AG Day event for all third graders in the county. This year Lincoln County has a great opportunity to increase financial support for our local 4-H Councils, clubs and programs by encouraging farmers to make the donation.
Making the $10 donation on each farm license plate at renewal is an excellent opportunity for our agricultural community to support the youth of our community and help fund the programs that can make a lasting difference in their lives.
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