News from Ottenheim: March 16, 2017

Published 12:17 pm Thursday, March 16, 2017

By Dorothea Schlappi

The flu has been going around so bad that some schools have had to close. It’s better to stay home for your own health as well as others. When we were kids in the Ottenheim school, we had no water in the school. There was a well out back and even in the winter we had to take turns getting a galvanized bucket of water to put in the hall with a dipper in it. If we didn’t have some kind of drinking vessel we would just drink out of the dipper. I know there was plenty of germs passed around. A cold, mumps, measels, chicken pox and lice seemed to be the things that were passed around. Good ole days, “Huh.”

There has been some stealing and suspicion going around again. Watch for any strange things happening and report it to the sheriff. The sheriff said to not confront anyone, let them do it.

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Prayer requests have been announced for Jake Gutenson and Ray Sims. Please remember them in their sickness.

Now the time has changed, I see the school buses traveling in the morning darkness.

Good friendships make lasting memories. Have a good week.