News from Ottenheim: March 2, 2017

Published 9:51 pm Sunday, March 5, 2017

By Dorothea Schlappi
A lot of us knew Norman Alford of Parlor Grove, they had the slaughter house there. Our thoughts are with Jane, his wife and their family at this time in his passing.
Norma Kocher Petrey and family – we saw where your dad Herman “Buck” Greer, passed away last week. You are remembered in our prayers and thoughts.
To the Earl Harris family, we are thinking of you at this time in the passing of your loved one. Earl was the brother of Edith Zwahlen. May you take comfort from the Lord and your friends’ love.
Thanks to all who helped and came to the spaghetti supper at St. Sylvester Church on Saturday, Feb. 11. It was a big success and added funds to our building fund.
The Billy Messer farm has been sold and we welcome the buyers to our community. A lot of us remember the JB Messer family from years ago. A lot has changed around Ottenheim, almost all the older people are gone and new people have replaced them.
The hail we had on the 24th didn’t last long, but can still be damaging. It was a surprise after being near eighty degrees.
The pigeons have not been seen around for a few years, now they have returned and are being seen everywhere. They like to be where cattle are or grain droppings. It’s nice to see different birds especially since so many are killed from spraying.
So many people are sick. Remember them in your prayers, especially Joyce Messer, Brenda Hoeck, and Betty and Howard Estes.
The Lord has a way of letting us know when we are going astray “our conscience”.

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