Stanford departments report November activity

Published 10:34 am Friday, December 22, 2023

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By Abigail Roberts


STANFORD – The Stanford Police Department reported a total of 796 contacts through 911 for the month of November, according to an activity report given to City Council members.

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SPD Officers wrote 165 citations in November and gave 82 warnings. The report states there were 19 arrests made and 29 incidents/cases opened. Police responded to a total of 30 accidents in the month of November.

All officers completed two hours of departmental roll call training and Officer N. Adams, Vehicle Operations Coordinator, completed 40 hours of Department of Criminal Justice Training.

Police Chief Zach Middleton updated council members on the latest news from the department. Middleton said Kaleb Phipps has been hired to fill a vacant patrol position. Phipps has completed all required pre-certification testing and has started his FTO process. He will continue working and completing pre-academy training until his departure for basic training in April.

SPD is still in the process of filling a spot left vacant by Officer Ferguson’s transfer to Danville PD and the department is still looking for two officers to fulfill the School Resource Officer positions for the middle school and one elementary school.

The Stanford Fire Department reported a total of 43 incidents in November, 17 of which were rescue and Emergency Medical Service Calls.

From Nov. 1 to Nov. 30, SFD responded to the following incidents:

• building fire – 1

• chimney or flue fire, confined to chimney or flue – 1

• passenger vehicle fire – 1

• medical assist, assist EMS crew – 5

• EMS call, excluding vehicle accident with injury – 10

• motor vehicle/pedestrian accident with injury – 1

• lock-in – 1

• gasoline or other flammable liquid spill – 1

• oil or other combustible liquid spill – 1

• heat from short circuit (wiring), defective/worn – 1

• animal rescue – 1

• public service – 1

• assist invalid – 5

• dispatched & cancelled en route – 4

• authorized controlled burning – 4

• smoke scare, odor of smoke – 1

• sprinkler activation due to malfunction – 1

• special type of incident, other – 2

• citizen complaint – 1

Stanford Code Enforcement reported seven property code violations for the month of November. Code Enforcement also gave 12 verbal warnings and wrote four citations.

One sign permit and one porch/deck permit was granted as well as one certificate of occupancy. There was one zone change request in November.

Code Enforcement reported 150 business licenses were issued or renewed in November.