Royal Snow Court is crowned

Published 11:54 am Friday, December 8, 2023

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By Abigail Roberts


STANFORD – The Snow Queen wasn’t the only one to receive a new crown Saturday night. Contestants for Snow Pageant royalty lined the courthouse steps following the annual Christmas parade.

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The first royal crowned was the Snow Princess, which was won by 6-year-old Anna B. Johnson. Johnson is the daughter of Kendall and Donna Johnson of Waynesburg. She was escorted by Mason Staton, son of Jordan and MaKenzie Staton of Hustonville.

First runner-up in the contest was Collins Kelsey, 5, the daughter of Jesslyn and Jordan Kelsey of Stanford. She was escorted by Wade Hampton Owens, son of Tre and Brooke Owens of Stanford.

Dakota Shearer, 5, was named the Snow Princess second runner-up. She is the daughter of Cheyenne and Andie Shearer of Hustonville and was escorted by Ryker Robbins, son of Tyler and Danielle Robbins of Stanford.

Third runner-up in the Snow Princess contest was Audrey Adams, 4, daughter of Shayne and Kristen Adams of Stanford. She was escorted by Rowen Coffman, son of Jordan and Ashley Coffman of Stanford.

Reagan Boyle came away with the Snow Duchess title out of a field of 19 candidates. Reagan, 10, the daughter of Jason and Beth Boyle of Hustonville, was sponsored by Bluegrass Feed and Supply and escorted by Kyrus Kelsey, son of Jordan and Jesslyn Kelsey of Stanford.

First runner-up in the Snow Duchess contest went to Jacobi Gander, 7, daughter of Brooke Gander of Stanford. She was escorted by her father Chase Gander.

Brooklyn Staton, 7, was named the second runner-up. Brooklyn is the daughter of Jordan and Makenzie Staton of Hustonville. She was escorted by Hudson Middleton, son of Leah and Zach Middleton of Stanford.

Third runner-up was Araeya Sweet, 10, daughter of Laura and Devron Sweet. Araeya was escorted by Drayden Sweet.

Rosemund Flynn, 7, was named the fourth runner-up. Rosemund is the daughter of Jerome and Joslyn Flynn of Stanford. She was escorted by Joshua Flynn, son of Jerome and Joslyn Flynn.

Ellen Hatter, 9, daughter of Jesse and Jamie Hatter of Stanford was named the fifth runner-up. She was escorted by Asa McKinley, son of Jason and Mary Beth McKinley of Stanford.

Jaryn Smith was crowned the 2023 Snow Countess. Jaryn, 13, daughter of J and Jacqueline Smith of Stanford, was chosen out of 11 candidates. She was escorted by Clay Pendygraft, son of Shay and Sara Pendygraft of Hustonville.

First runner-up in the Snow Countess contest was Anna Todd, 11, daughter of Sharon and Jeremy Todd of Stanford. She was escorted by Gabe Gander, son of Brooke and Chase Gander of Stanford.

Payten Denny, 12, daughter of Nicole Taylor of Kings Mountain, was named the second runner-up. She was escorted by Parker Berry, son of Shawna Hines of Stanford.

Allie Baker, 13, was named the third runner-up in the Snow Countess contest. She is the daughter of Sam and Leah Baker of Stanford and was escorted by Teegan Mullins, son of D.J. and Lucinda Mullins of Waynesburg.

The remaining candidates, their parents and escorts in each royal division were:

Snow Princess

Emma Hettmansperger, 5, daughter of Jay and Cathy Hettmansperger of Stanford, escorted by Jase Hettmansperger, son of Jay and Cathy Hettmansperger; Willow Curtis, daughter of Brad and Stephanie Curtis of Hustonville, escorted by Easton Davis, son of Chad and Kasi Davis, of Stanford; Raylee McKinney, 6, daughter of Raven and Tuff McKinney of Danville, escorted by Berkley Woodall, son of Cindy Suber of Lancaster; Skyla Rogers, 6, daughter of Sandra Lane of Stanford, escorted by Rhett Ingram, son of Britt and Megan Ingram of Stanford; Mia Cooley, 5, daughter of Derrick and Rhonda Cooley of Hustonville, escorted by Ryker Smith, son of Marissa Smith, of Danville; Sawyer Renner, 6, daughter of Daniel and Rebecca Renner of Stanford, escorted by Kasen Lynn, son of C.J. and Bridget Lynn of Stanford; and Emma Smith, 6, daughter of Amanda Smith of Stanford, escorted by Weston Raider, son of Susan and Donald Raider of Lancaster.

Snow Duchess

Teagan Smith, 7, daughter of Amber and Matthew Smith of Waynesburg, escorted by Smith Spigle, son of Amye Smith and Nathan Spigle of Stanford; Layla Jagger, 9, daughter of Megan and Josh Jaggers of Stanford, escorted by Christian Shepperson, son of Vanessa and Richard Shepperson of Danville; Saylor Wilcher, 9, daughter of Chloe Wilcher of Danville, escorted by Lincoln Lynn, son of Ashley Lynn of Hustonville; Tanner Ruckel, 7, daughter of Brent and Sakkara Ruckel of Waynesburg, escorted by Parker Ruckel, son of Blake and LeeAnne Ruckel of Waynesburg; Arabella Reid, 7, daughter of Sarah Reid of Stanford, escorted by Jonah Caudill, son of Holly Caudill of Hustonville; Amaya Sweet, 8, daughter of Laura and Devron Sweet of Stanford, escorted by Connor Maggard, son of Jill and Eric Maggard of Danville; Elizabeth Bohlman, 7, daughter of Nathan and Ashley Bohlman of Crab Orchard, escorted by Cayson Pease, son of Chris Pease and Jessica Shepherd of Crab Orchard; Lydia Long, 7, daughter of Brandie and Larry Long of Stanford, escorted by Easton Mullins, son of Cindi and D.J. Mullins of Waynesburg; Adalyn Hendrickson, 9, daughter of Rebecca and Jamie Hendrickson of Crab Orchard, escorted by Hank Land, son of Brittany and Mason Kannapel of Stanford; Freya Owens, 7, daughter of Tre and Brooke Owens of Stanford, escorted by Woods Kilby, son of Stephanie and Raymond Kilby of Danville; Piper Smith, 8, daughter of Tyler Mason of Stanford, escorted by Jack Mullins, son of Kayla and Brandon Mullins of Waynesburg; Kinzlee Smith, 10, daughter of Tyler Mason of Stanford, escorted by Landon Brown, son of Natasha and Eric Brown of Waynesburg; and Logan Friend, 10, daughter of John and Mary Friend of Stanford, escorted by Bentley Broadus, son of Barbara and Nathan Broadus of Highland.

Snow Countess

Lynzie Day, 13, daughter of Matt and Olivia Day of Crab Orchard, escorted by Trevor Vest, son of Clayton and Tisha Vest of Waynesburg; Tinley Lynn, 13, daughter of Danny and Bridgette Lynn of Stanford, escorted by Cooper Wells, son of Jamie and Jody Wells; Presley Ellis, 13, daughter of Kent Ellis and Kathy and John Ivy of Stanford, escorted by Gabriel Doolin, son of Bobby and Andrea Doolin of Lancaster; Kaitlyn Burdine, 11, daughter of William and Jessica Burdine of Hustonville, escorted by Reid Jeffries, son of Alan and Tracy Jeffries of Hustonville; Reese friend, 12, daughter of John and Mary Friend of Stanford, escorted by Jaxson Sams, son of Tara Newcomb and Shad Sams of Stanford; Rebecca Smith, 12, daughter of Brad and LeeAnn Smith of Stanford, escorted by Woodson Adams, son of Woods and Lezli Adams of Stanford; and Jocelyn Spigle, 12, daughter of Amanda Spigle of Stanford, escorted by Colton Shepperson, son of Vanessa Shepperson of Danville.

Anna B. Johnson was named the 2023 Snow Princess. First runner-up was Collins Kelsey. Second runner-up was Dakota Shearer. Third runner-up was Audrey Adams. Photo By Abigail Roberts

Jaryn Smith was crowned the 2023 Snow Countess. First runner-up was Anna Todd. Second runner-up was Payten Denny. Third runner-up was Allie Baker. Photo By Abigail Roberts

Reagan Boyle was named the 2023 Snow Duchess. First runner-up was Jacobi Gander. Second runner-up was Brooklyn Staton. Third runner-up was Araeya Sweet. Fourth runner-up was Romy Flynn and fifth runner-up was Ellen Hatter. Photo By Abigail Roberts