Letter to the editor: Hey, Republicans, do your job

Published 11:59 am Monday, October 23, 2023

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The Republican led House of Representatives is a complete dumpster fire. They ousted Kevin McCarthy from his duly elected speakership ob which has never happened before in the history of this country. Now they are in disarray because they are incapable of coming together to elect a new speaker. This situation threatens the security of our country. Without a speaker no legislation can be passed: think funds for Ukraine and Israel or writing a budget by November 17.

In the Senate, Republican Tommy Tuberville, all by himself, is preventing the promotion of hundreds of upper level military leaders. This also threatens out national security: think wars in Ukraine and Israel.

The Senate is responsible for confirming ambassadors who represent U.S. diplomacy in other countries around the globe. The Republicans have refused to allow the confirmation of 38 ambassadors many of which would serve in the Middle East. Diplomacy is one of the most important tools a government can use to solve problems and avert a crisis: think solutions to war in Ukraine in Israel.

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Considering our current environment, it appears that the Republicans should get their house in order. For a party that used to promote national security, it looks like they have lost their way by not doing the job for which they were elected.

— Rene Payne, Stanford