DYW program kicks off Saturday

Published 4:17 pm Friday, September 22, 2023

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The 2024 Lincoln County Distinguished Young Women program will take place on Saturday, at 6:30 p.m. in the Stuart Underwood Auditorium of Lincoln County High School. There are 15 senior girls vying for a total of $38,000 in scholarships. Each participant will compete in the five categories of scholastics, interview, talent, self-expression and fitness.

Scholastics and interview are both 25% of the total score; talent is 20%; and self-expression and fitness are each 15% of that score. There will be an overall winner in each of the 5 phases of competition along with 4 preliminary winners. Awards will be given to the four runners-up leading to the naming of the 2024 Lincoln County Distinguished Young Woman. Special awards to be presented that evening include the Sheila Underwood Character Counts Award, the Phyllis Cooley Spirit award, the Jennifer Baker Be Your Best Self Award, and the Nancy Leedy Friends Scholarship winners.

Participants, parents, talent, and photo numbers listed below in alphabetical order:

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• Sharla Alford, daughter of Jonathan and Shelley Alford, piano.

• Maggie Bowman, daughter of Alan and Abby Bowman, monologue.

• Maecey Carrier, daughter of James and Amy Carrier, monologue.

• Maggie Day, daughter of Stephen and Valerie Day, gymnastics.

• Emma Foster, daughter of Damon and Amanda Foster, vocal.

• Makayla Greer, daughter of Mike and Patty Greer, dance.

• Rheagan McKnight, daughter of Kyle and Rhonda McKnight, mandolin.

• Nikki Mounce, granddaughter of Junior and Cheri Harris, monologue.

• Riley Parker, daughter of Roy and Jessica Parker, vocal.

• Kalyn Peek, daughter of John and Kathy Peek, piano.

• Ellyann Sims, daughter of Dave and Kristy Sims, piano.

• Hallie Stafford, daughter of Billy and Suzy Stafford, gymnastics.

• Lily States, daughter of Norma States, vocal.

• Dani Story, daughter of Dan and Stacy Story, piano and vocal.

• Molly Viands, daughter of Jeremy Viands and Misty Brown-Moberly, piano.


Scholarships available are:

• Overall Scholastics winner $1,000, 4 preliminary winners $750 each

• Overall Interview winner $1,000, 4 preliminary winners $750 each

• Overall Talent winner $650, 4 preliminary winners $600 each

• Overall Self-Expression winner $525, 4 preliminary winners $500 each

• Overall Fitness winner $525, 4 preliminary winners $500 each

• 4th Runner-up $1,500

• 3rd Runner-up $2,200

• 2nd Runner-up $3,200

• 1st Runner-up $4,200

• 2024 Winner $5,300

• Sheila Underwood Character Counts $1,300

• Phyllis Cooley Spirit Award $800

• Jennifer Baker “Be Your Best Self” $800

• Nancy Leedy Friends Scholarship $2,600

• 1st place $675

• 2nd place $525

• 3rd place $425 (tie)

• 3rd place $425 (tie)

• 4th place $325

• 5th place $225

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased by calling 606-365-9782.