Work-life balance tips for parents

Published 11:25 am Friday, September 1, 2023

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The term “work-life balance” seems simple, except for people like me who have a hard time figuring out the “balance” part. I find balance by taking time to prepare for the week. I divide my time over the multiple tasks that I need to do in hopes of better managing the stress of work and life. Here are six tips on how to make the most of your busy lives.

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Reduce morning rush: Reduce morning anxiety by preparing the night before (i.e., laying out clothes, making meals, gathering work materials). Planning ahead can save so much time and stress. Trust me, it works.

Organize your week: Use one day each week to plan the rest of the week (meals, chores, groceries, kids’ sports, date nights, family time, homework time, etc.). I usually do this on Sunday. It’s the perfect time, while the laundry is going, to prep lunches and plan meals for the week.

Talk to your boss: If spending more time with your family is what you want, your employer may have benefits you have not explored.

Stay connected: With today’s technology, even if you travel, you can still see and talk to each other. Call your family, chat with your friends, don’t check your work email on vacation. I know, I know, I said what I said.

Don’t waste time: Use your time wisely. Limit screen time to once a week. This might be the hardest part. Procrastination can creep in and cause you to waste time on things that are not important. Prioritize, make a list, execute your tasks with purpose.

Schedule time with your partner: Date night, cook night, evening walk or exercise, conversations about kids, just do something together that brings you closer. Notice that I didn’t list doom scrolling on your phone on the couch next to your partner. Engage with the people around you. You never know how much time you have with them so spend it wisely.

Remember, our jobs are important however, they aren’t the most important part of our lives. Keep your focus on the things and people that matter in your life. Your family, your hobbies, your people, your passions. Make time for what matters most.

Feel free to email me at for more information on time and stress management.