Getting drugs off the streets; Sheriff gives 6-month report

Published 3:37 pm Thursday, July 13, 2023

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STANFORD –  The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office has been busy during the last six months – and there are less narcotics on the streets because of it.

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Lincoln County Sheriff Shawn Hines provided Fiscal Court magistrates with a six-month report during the July 11 meeting.

“In the last six months you all have enabled us to buy 11 laptops and printers, three new cruisers, the evidence system has worked very well, we’re very thankful to have that,” Hines said.

The LCSO is also working on a new website that will eventually allow taxpayers to view their previous and current tax bills as well as pay their taxes online. The office will also have equipment soon to process card payments.

“We’re trying to get caught up with the times and that’s just a benefit to the taxpayer that they have the ability to do so,” he said.

Hines said cameras have been installed to help safeguard taxpayer money as well, and deputies received new badges recently thanks to a donation from Walmart.

“They have new vest carriers. Everybody looks the same, they’re dressed the same and they’re equipped with the same,” Hines said.

During the last six months, deputies have written 832 citations.

“We made 575 arrests. Out of those 575 arrests, 116 were drug arrests and had a total number of drug charges at 310,” he said.

There were 15 overdose deaths in Lincoln County during the last six months.

Hines provided a breakdown of the amount of drug seizures the sheriff’s office has made in the last six months, including:

• Heroin – 1.99 ounces

• Methamphetamine – 1.82 pounds

• Marijuana – 3.3 pounds

• Cocaine – 3.37 grams

• Pills – 206

In total, the street value of those narcotics is $46,292.12.

“So that’s what the guys have taken off of the streets,” Hines said.

The LCSO opened 279 cases over the last six months and worked 117 accidents.

There were 62 DUI arrests, 69 seat belt tickets and 227 speeding tickets.

“The guys are putting in the work but they’re able to do that because you all have equipped them to do that,” he said.

During the meeting, magistrates voted to pay a minimum of $16,644 toward a joint effort to upgrade the county’s radio communication towers. Currently first responders have to switch between channels depending on their location. The upgrade would allow all responders to be on the same channel without having to manually switch as they travel throughout the county. Hines said this would be a major improvement and is needed for the safety of first responders.

The City of Stanford has also agreed to pay $16,444. The cities of Crab Orchard and Hustonville will be asked to pitch in, but if they don’t, magistrates agreed the county will pay the difference.

June LCSO report

Chief Deputy Brandon Curlis gave magistrates a breakdown of LCSO activity for the month of June.

Curlis said during June, LCSO answered 1,144 calls of service.

“We opened 65 total cases in June. We arrested 116 people,” Curlis said.

The Sheriff’s Office responded to a total of 33 accidents in June and responded to 20 domestic violence calls.

“We had four assault calls. We responded to three overdose calls, which was down two from the previous month, which is always good,” he said.

A total of 275 traffic stops were made in June and deputies responded to two “shots fired” calls.