Stanford passes FY23-24 budget

Published 10:45 am Thursday, June 15, 2023

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STANFORD — The Stanford City Council has passed the second reading of the 2023-24 budget.

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The budget revenues for this year totals $6,324,031.29. Total operating expenses are projected to be $4,812,053.41.

The operating expenses include:

• General government – $496,450

• ABC Administration – $135,250

• Police Department – $1,510,100

• Fire Department – $713,400

• Street Department – $470,353.41

• Parks and Recreation – $20,600

• Depot Department – $33,400

• Code Enforcement – $121,500

• Capital Projects – $1,311,000

• Debt Administration – $0

The total net for the budget is $1,511,977.88.

There are $471,694.80 in ARPA funds and $33,326.72 in opioid funds.

The city council added a cost of $16,644 for first responder radio communications equipment under the city’s contingency fund.

Council Members unanimously approved the second reading of the budget.

Water and Sewer budget

The City Council also approved the water sewer budget ordinance for 2023-24.

The estimated total revenues for sewer are $954,963; total revenues for water is projected to be $1,790,764. The combined total revenue is $2,745,727.

Total operating expenses are projected to be $2,304,723. Total operating expenses including capital projects, debt service and depreciation will be $3,622,795.

Total net after add back is $100.

General Manger of Stanford Water Works Ryan Owens was in attendance to answer questions.

City council members unanimously approved the water sewer budget.

In other business,

the city council:

• Heard from three Stanford residents who live on Eastwood Drive about a group of dogs, including one mom dog and two puppies, that are destroying property, scaring children and dispersing trash across their properties; The group said they have spent the last month-and-a-half trying to find a resolution and have contacted the dog warden, Stanford City Hall and the Judge Executive’s office. The dog warden has been to the property and has taken one dog; that dog was allegedly rescued by the owner. Local police also went to the residence at one point but did not see the dogs out.

Mayor Dalton Miller said police will provide extra patrol in the area and asked the residents to call police when the dogs are out;

• Council member Eddie Carter asked about the progress of the Foster Lane sidewalks; Mayor Dalton Miller said he has emailed and asked what the hold up is and no one responded. Miller said he called and talked to AGE and there was an issue with the bidding so the next step will be to send the check to the judge-executive and they will write the check for the city’s portion.

The check will be about $40,000;

• Council members approved the payment of $16,644 for the city’s portion of the cost sharing option to upgrade the county’s radio communications system;

• Police Chief Zach Middleton said the department has made several drug busts lately. Mayor Miller said there is a lot of cooperation between the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Kentucky State Police and Stanford PD;

• Fire Chief Scott Maples said the fire department has had a productive current budget year as it has received a couple grants, new fire prevention program, new inspection program, increased training in readiness and some new life saving equipment. The only concern at this time is staffing. Maples said SFD is currently providing adequate coverage 75% of the time which is an improvement but needs to continue to be improved.

The city’s upcoming budget has an increase in payroll which will help in retaining staff and adding two firefighter positions to increase coverage.

Maples said one upcoming issue for the next year is the 23-year-old ladder truck, which will need to be refurbished. Council members discussed creating a reserve for the fire department to put money back for large capital expenses in the future;

• Approved a cost overrun resolution for a sewer project, which has been approved for a $1 million grant;

• Approved the appointment of Doug Gooch and Bruce Edgington for a four-year term to the South Lincoln Industrial Development Board; and

• Mayor Miller thanked City Clerk Jone Allen for her hard work on the budget and congratulated Germani Crosby for winning the state shot put championship for the second year in a row; and

• Judge-Executive Woods Adams attended the meeting and said he appreciates the working partnership with the City of Stanford.