Chamber crowns Christmas royalty

Published 5:45 pm Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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STANFORD – Not only did the Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce crown a new Snow Queen this year, but also a new royal court.

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On the courthouse steps, a new Snow Princess, Snow Duchess and Snow Countess were crowned, concluding the 40th anniversary of the city’s annual event.

The first royal crowned was the Snow Princess, which was won by 5-year-old Anna Currie Martin. Martin is the daughter of Linsey and Currie Martin of Stanford. She was escorted by Connor Sizemore, son of Emily Fangue.

First runner-up in the contest was Rylee Ruckel, 6, the daughter of Brent and Sakkara Ruckel of Waynesburg. She was escorted by Parker Ruckel, son of Blake and LeeAnne Ruckel.

Anna B. Johnson, 5, was named the Snow Princess second runner-up. She is the daughter of Kendall and Donna Johnson of Waynesburg, and was escorted by Benjy Baker, son of Bobby and Amanda Baker of Waynesburg.

Annabelle Grigson came away with the Snow Duchess title. Annabell, the daughter of David and Kelly Grigson of Stanford, was chosen out of 12 candidates to wear the crown. Her escort was Asher Grigson, son of David and Kelly Grigson.

First runner-up went to 7-year-old Loralie Grace Short, daughter of Crystal Preston. Her escort was Owen Martin, son of Courtney Martin.

Second runner-up was Amaya Sweet. Sweet, 7, is the daughter of Laura Sweet of Danville. She was escorted by Freddy Maggard, son of Jill Maggard.

Alex Jones was crowned the 2022 Snow Countess. Jones, 13, was chosen out of a field of 19 Countess candidates. She is the daughter of Kim Jones of Stanford and was escorted by Brody Baker, son of Donya Robbins.

Sadie Elise Preston, 11, was named the Countess first runner-up. She is the daughter of Crystal and Jeremy Preston of Stanford and was escorted by Landon Love, son of Samantha and Justin love.

Second runner-up was Layla Rose Ralston, 10, daughter of Megan and Eric Ralston of Stanford .Ralston’s escort was Griffey Ralston, son of Megan and Eric Ralston.

Third runner-up in the Snow Countess contest was Jaryn Smith, daughter of Jacqueline and J. Smith of Stanford. She was escorted by Lincoln Lawson, son of Clara Lair and Eddie Lawson.

The remaining candidates, their parents and escorts in each royal division were:

Snow Princess

Adalee Montgomery, 4, daughter of Mikayla Snow, and Tilden Richards, son of Jassmine and Cody Richards; Teagan Smith, daughter of Amber Smith, and Smith Spigle, son of Amye Spigle; Hadley Norah Edwards, 5, daughter of Ethan and Miranda Edwards, and Kaeson Jacob Martin, son of Taylor Martin and Mckenzie Gamache; Izora “Izzy” McAlister, 6, daughter of Emily and Joey McAlister, and Connor Blake Maggard, son of Eric and Jill Maggard; Ashlynn Strunk, 4, daughter of Kara Rice, and Slayden Naylor, son of Tara Miniard; Raelynn Grace Hensley, 6, daughter of Lauren and Vernon Hensley, and Baird Asher Maggard, son of Jill and Eric Maggard; Harper Ann Grimes, 4, daughter of Kendra Grimes, and Judson Cain, son of Hudson Cain; Emma Grace Hettmansperger, 4, daughter of Jay and Cathy Hettmansperger, and Braxton Kidd, son of Chris and Brittany Kidd; Rosemund McKenna Flynn, 6, daughter of Joslyn Flynn, and Joshua Flynn, son of Joslyn Flynn; Lydia Long, 6, daughter of Brandie and Larry Joe Long, and Easton Mullins, son of Cindy and D.J. Mullins; Skyla Rogers, great-niece of Sandra Lane, and Jase Colton Hettmansperger, son of Jay and Cathy Hettmansperger; Dakota “Blair” Shearer, 4, daughter of Cheyenne and Andie Shearer, and Joshua Ferrieri, son of Michael and Rhonda Key; and Natalee Claire Privett, 6, daughter of Nathanael Privett and Savannah Loveless, and Elijah Jake Asbery, son of Travis and Rhonda Asbery.

Snow Duchess

London Day Fletcher, 9, daughter of Josh and Jessica Fletcher, and Atlas Fletcher, son of Josh and Jessica Fletcher; Saylor Wilcher, 8, daughter of Chloe Wilcher, and Levi Taylor, son of Cortney Justice; Carly Gander, 9, daughter of Julian and Dana Gander, and Bryor Smith, son of Jason and Luci Smith; Emma Woodis, 8, daughter of Meagan Dalton, and Evan Woodis, son of Meagan Dalton; Mia Mullins, 8, daughter of Brandon and Kayla Mullins, and Gabriel Garcia, son of Chaz and Rebecca Garcia; Pyper Smith, 7, daughter of Taylor Mason, and Evan Taylor, son of Savannah Young; Kinzlee Smith, 9, daughter of Taylor Mason, and Landon Brown, son of Natasha Brown; Ellen Sue Hatter, 8, daughter of Jesse and Jamie Hatter, and Kyrus Kelsey, son of Jordan and Jesslyn Kelsey; and Berkley Ledford, 7, daughter of Harold and Alexis Ledford.

Snow Countess

Rebecca Smith, 11, daughter of Brad and Lee Ann Smith, and Woodson Adams, son of Woods and Lezli Adams; Alexis Short, 14, daughter of James and Angel Short, and River Wallin, son of Rachel and Michael Wallin; Carlie Grace Sneed, 13, daughter of Dwight and Bridget Sneed, and Eli Roberts, son of Patrick and Ashley Roberts; Lynzie Day, 13, daughter of Olivia and Matt Day, and Trevor Vest, son of Clayton and Tisha Vest; Kaylee McKinney, 11, daughter of Whitney Bryant, and Grayson Hayes, son of Adam and Spring Hayes; Stella Beth Hart, 11, daughter of Clayton and Diana Hart, and Gabe Gander, son of Chase and Brooke Gander;  Presley Ellis, 12, daughter of Kent Ellis, and Jeremiah Hendrickson, son of Amber Hamlin; Sarah Beth Bowman, 13, daughter of Alan and Abby Bowman, and Hance Moberly, son of Bryan Moberly; Keyera McFarland, 14, daughter of Arlena McFarland, and Brady Cook, son of Tiffany Cook; Allie Grace Baker, 12, daughter of Sam and Leah Baker, and Teega Dwight Mullins, son of D.J. and Lucinda Mullins; Annie Mae Baker, 10, daughter of Sam and Leah Baker, and Jack Henry Mullins, son of Brandon and Kayla Mullins; Tatum Shearer, 12, daughter of Cheyenne and Andie Shearer, and Isaiah Long, son of Paige Franklin and Justin Long; Layla Kessinger, 14, daughter of Angela Gibbs and Michael Holcomb, and Riley Correll, son of Brian and Tricia Correll; Madison Curtis, 10, daughter of Mitzi and Brad Curtis, and Colten Caudill, son of Jason and Holly Caudill; and Ember Genco, 10, daughter of Justin Genco and Deanna Cooke, and Rylan Genco, son of Justin Genco and Deanna Cooke.