Stanford departments report- March activity

Published 8:43 am Monday, May 9, 2022

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The Stanford Fire Department (SFD) responded to 30 emergency medical service calls during the month of March, according to the monthly report given to Stanford City Council members.

SFD reported a total of 58 incidents to the Stanford City Council for the month of March.

Of those, 30 were for emergency medical services, five were for fires and two were for motor vehicle accidents with injuries.

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From March 1 to March 31, SFD reported the following incidents:

• building fire – 1

• cooking fire, confined to container – 1

• trash or rubbish fire, contained – 2

• natural vegetation fire, other – 1

• gas leak – 1

• lock out – 1

• assist police or other governmental agency – 1

• dispatched and cancelled en route – 2

• no incident found on arrival – 2

• authorized controlled burning – 12

• CO detector activation due to malfunction – 1

• special type of incident – 1

The Stanford Police Department (SPD) could not accurately report their activity totals for the month of March due to Bluegrass 911 updating their systems.

According to a letter from SPD Police Chief Zach Middleton, the total type report was incomplete due to the timing of the upgrade.

“I know the total contacts were around 905 for the month but do not have the breakdown numbers to complete the full report,” Middleton wrote.

Middleton reported that Office Jonathan Milburn has been working since December under his POPs pre-certification while completing field training. Milburn left to begin Basic Training at the Department of Criminal Justice Training for the next 23 weeks and will graduate in September.

“Weather is getting better, with that we are expecting our annual activity to increase,” he said. “With the warm weather coming and the lifting of COVID restrictions we are preparing for a busy summer as many public events will be taking place again in addition to our normal activity increase this time of year.”

Stanford’s Code Enforcement also reported the agency’s activity during March.

During the month of March, Code Enforcement wrote 16 violations and gave 28 verbal warnings. There were five sign permits granted. Code Enforcement also issued one certificate of occupancy and one verification of application for alcoholic beverage licenses.

There were 51 business licenses issued or renewed in March.

Code Enforcement also reported the demolition of two structures and one remodeled structure. Stanford’s Code Enforcement Officer also attended the Kentucky League of Cities Code Enforcement Class in Lexington.