Rabies confirmed in Lincoln County dog

Published 2:54 pm Thursday, July 8, 2021

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The Lincoln County Health Department has confirmed rabies in a dog in Lincoln County. Exposure to rabies is defined as a bite, scratch, or contact of saliva from an infected animal with a mucous membrane, such as the eyes, nose, or mouth.

Health department personnel have contacted individuals associated with the rabid dog and want to advise residents of the situation and urge caution when dealing with skunks and other unknown animals. Please contact the health department if you have or know of anyone who might have had, any possible human or animal exposure to unknown or wild animals. It is very important that you approach stray animals with extreme care.

Rabies is a fatal but preventable viral disease that attacks the nervous system; it is predominantly seen in bats and skunks in Kentucky.

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Domesticated animals and our pets, such as dogs and cats, can get rabies when they come in contact with wild animals. Keep your pets protected with up-to-date vaccinations given by a licensed veterinarian.

Rabies can present with a variety of symptoms. Early symptoms can include lethargy and vomiting, progressing to weakness, seizures, aggressiveness, difficulty breathing or swallowing along with other symptoms. Some animals may appear depressed instead of aggressive.

Transmission occurs through direct contact with saliva or brain/nervous tissue with broken skin or mucus membranes and infects the central nervous system. Keeping pets vaccinated against rabies is a crucial step in rabies prevention.

You may contact the Lincoln County Health Department if you have any questions or concerns at 606-365-3106.