Election results are (finally) in

Published 2:37 pm Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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A week after Election Day, the votes have finally been tallied.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, voters had options on how to cast their ballots for the primary election. Lincoln County had 26.57 percent voter participation, and Cheyenne Young, deputy clerk in the Lincoln County Clerk’s office, said that number was good.

“Compared to the previous years, and with everything going on, it’s still a pretty good number,” she said.

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The county has 18,469 registered voters, and 4,907 of those cast a ballot, Young said. She added that 3,663 voters requested a mail-in ballot, and of those, the office received 3,185 ballots by mail.


U.S. Senate (Democrat)

One race with particular interest was the Democratic race for U.S. Senate. Local candidate Mike Broihier came away with 398 votes. That placed him third in the race with Lincoln County voters. Amy McGrath received the most votes in the county, with 975, followed by Charles Booker with 485 votes.

Others in the race include Andrew J. Maynard (41), Bennie J. Smith (39), Maggie Jo Hilliard (30), Mary Ann Tobin (24), Eric Rothmuller (13), John R. Sharpensteen (10), and Jimmy C. Ausbrooks (9).


U.S. Senate (Republican)

Incumbent Mitch McConnell easily was the top vote getter in Lincoln County with 2,122. His closest opponent was Naren James, with 197 votes. Others in the race were C. Wesley Morgan (105), Louis Grider (78), Kenneth Lowndes (23), Paul John Frangedakis (19), and Nicholas Alsager (9).


State Senator, 15th District

Incumbent Rick Girdler easily won the race to retain his seat as state senator, collecting 14,140 votes from Lincoln, Boyle, and Pulaski counties combined. His challenger, Larry Sears Nichols, received 3,923 votes. In Lincoln County, Girdler picked up 1,844 votes, with Nichols getting 608 votes.


Circuit Judge, 28th Judicial Circuit, 1st Division

The circuit judge in the 28th Judicial District, 1st Division, serves Lincoln, Rockcastle and Pulaski counties. Teresa Whitaker was the top vote getter in the three-county election with 6,371 votes. She was followed by Walter F. Maguire (5,976) and the two will face off in the general election in November. Other totals in the race include Daryl K. Day (5,644), Jerry J. Cox (3,354), and A.C. Donahue (3,334).

Among Lincoln County voters, Day received 3,188 votes, followed by Whitaker (786), Maguire (302), Cox (263), and Donahue (179).


5th Congressional District

Republican incumbent Harold “Hal” Rogers defeated Gerardo Serrano by a total of 2,370 votes to 228.


U.S. President (Republican)

President Donald J. Trump was unopposed in the Republican primary. He received 2,410 votes in Lincoln County, while 220 voters selected the “uncommitted” option on the ballot.


U.S. President (Democrat)

Ten candidates were in the race for the Democratic spot in the race for president. Leading the way among Lincoln County voters was Joseph R. Biden with 1,244 votes. The next highest total went to the “uncommitted” option, with 377 votes. Others in the race include Bernie Sanders (176), Elizabeth Warren (36), Pete Buttigieg (33), Andrew Yang (30), Tulsi Gabbard (21), Amy Klobuchar (20), Tom Steyer (11), Michael Bennet (10), and Deval Patrick (6).