Citizen shares thoughts from fiscal court meeting

Published 12:42 pm Tuesday, December 24, 2019

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I attended the regular Lincoln County Fiscal Court meeting on Dec. 17, 2019. Some things that I’d like to point out about my attendance at the meeting are:

Surplus property of the EMA is very well repurposed.

The William Whitley House is in the hands of an awesome group of volunteers who can now accept credit/debit cards, just like the Salvation Army Red Kettle campaign.

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When you ask for two more employees, and you get an explanation (in my opinion) like a father trying to explain why he can’t take you to Disneyland. With a firm no, but in a kind manner. (no funds) 

When you attend a LCFC meeting, public comments are at the end of the meeting. 

You shouldn’t  talk about a Facebook post. Because you will be quickly told that’s your first mistake — getting upset about something posted on Facebook. If you start saying a member of the court said something offensive, you are quickly told I will not sit here and let you say that happened. Because I’m at every meeting and it didn’t happen! (Way to stick up for your people). But are told it is a reflection on the court if it happens out of an official meeting.

One thing I want to make perfectly clear that should never happen. That is to tell me to stop thinking about what I’m going to say next and listen. I MUST think about what I’m going to say next or I might in a public meeting call you a puffed up (donkey) Jack hind end!

The general public will be glad to learn that some on the LCFC are health conscious, and don’t eat fast food even if you offer to pay. And Facebook/social media is sometimes a beast. A beast that can keep a college from accepting you, or cause you to lose an election, your job, or shut your business down. And some form of social media is here to stay.


Gloria Sneed