No one questioned 20-minute presentation to council members

Published 11:49 am Thursday, December 12, 2019

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I attended my first Stanford City Council meeting Dec. 5.

The mayor and all council members welcomed me and treated me with grace.      

There were not enough members there to have an official meeting but they let me speak anyway. I introduced myself and gave them a brief history of the training that I had on ethics and told them that I always went face-to-face when I had a problem. And I felt that they needed training in ethics written or unwritten higher standard.

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I told them a fictional story about conversations with Little Molly. I was permitted to read a Facebook post without question. Was asked to let them see the Facebook post. I said that I would share with the mayor only, but I shared with more. Let me name names, say things I don’t like about fiscal court and school board members.

I spoke for almost 20 minutes. Sometimes they agreed with me. Sometimes offering help. I said several rude things about council members. They let me share a certificate of recent training in ethics (my fourth) without question. Was told voting was my best option. I said, “Well I can’t vote. I live in the county.” (Their response) “Well, as many people that you know, you can campaign.”

I asked permission to leave early. Stated that I felt it was rude to speak and leave. Permission was quickly granted. I’m sure they were glad for me to leave. As I’m turning to leave, I asked if there were any questions from the council. As I’m at the door, I turned to the crowd and asked if they had any questions. None. Also sure they wanted me out the door. 

At this point, I need to let everyone know there is a Little Molly. Her husband is in the Coast Guard. She did reconnect with me on the anniversary of my dad’s passing. We did share several texts reconnecting. But NONE ABSOLUTELY NONE about moving to Stanford. Everything I said about those conversations were false. 

I do want to offer an apology to the council and the crowd for enduring my experiment. But I was so hoping someone would question my actions and ask me to sit down. Or at least ask me if I realized how unethical what I was doing was, for somebody throwing out the word ethics so many times. Hopefully they did think it.

Yes, I am very passionate about Lincoln County. In all aspects. But we need to join together and promote the good. And yes deal with the bad. Yes, I see it! But we so need to focus on it in a positive way. And not fall for a line of falsehoods, no matter how they are presented. 


Gloria Sneed