Responding to letter criticizing incidents surrounding McKinney’s closure

Published 11:37 am Friday, November 8, 2019

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My letter is in response to Chance Bender/s letter to the editor and concerned citizens of Lincoln County posted on Facebook 10-21-2019.

As for your opinion of Mr. Rowe’s “callous flippant and woefully misguided as to our culture” is this from personal experience or your “thoughts” or a reading of tea leaves? Are you sure you understand our culture?

“Consistent mission to close our schools” when the state says no more funds for upkeep what would be your suggestion on building upkeep?

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“A disaster for a rural poor community”

Are superintendents and school boards not charged with the education of EVERY Lincoln County student not small rural communities?

Whether this is a result of “known lobbying gifts he has accepted from prominent contractors or a pure disregard for compassion.” I am a proof kind of person, not a he-, she-, they-said. Please show me a paper trail.

As for McKinney not having proper representation. I did NOT like it either! But it would have been 2 to keep open, 3 to close. Or 1 to keep open, 4 to close. But we will never know.

“As to add insult to injury,” the tables that had been in the (LCHS) lunchroom since 1974. 45-year-old tables. Tables 22 years older than you. Those new tables were paid for with food service funds. Funds that cannot be used anywhere else.

I am so sorry you didn’t know several elementary tables were replaced before the high school’s. And those old elementary-size tables were placed in the high school. As your dearly loved 45-year-old tables were wore out. My hope is that food service finds the funds to replace the rest of the Lincoln County lunchroom tables.

As for your question, “if the new tables will make the low-quality food served there taste better or being more nutritious,” you can thank Michelle Obama’s Healthy Hungry Free Act of 2010 for that. But instead of thanking the proper person, in my opinion, you insulted every cook or sub cook that ever cooked food for Lincoln County students. I challenge you to visit any school and watch the kids that only eat at school. Watching them inhale such poor quality food it is heart-wrenching.

It’s time the people of Lincoln County attend board meetings, visit our schools, call the Department of Education. Try finding out for yourself before you jump on a bandwagon.

Gloria Sneed