Potts, Phillips rank in Top 5 at NASP IBO 3-D Open

Published 12:26 pm Thursday, August 8, 2019

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Lincoln County fifth-graders Dalton Potts and Chloe Phillips found themselves ranked among the Top 5 during the 2019 NASP IBO 3-D Open Tournament in Nashville, Tennessee.

Potts, the lone archer for the Stanford Elementary School team, and Phillips, a member of the combined Waynesburg/Highland Elementary School team, both fared well in the shoot held at the Nashville Music City Center, with Potts finishing fourth in the elementary boys division with a score of 261 (8 tens) while Phillips placed fifth in the elementary girls division with a score of 242 (5 tens).

The top scorer in the boys division was Jake Cauthen, a fifth-grade student at Shady Point Schools, Oklahoma. He won the boys division with score of 267 (8 tens). Timm Chandonia, a South Tama County fifth-grader, Iowa, placed second with 266 (12 tens), and Hunter Hollis, a Princeton, Louisiana fifth-grader, was third with 264 (11 tens).

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Mia Cornelson, a fifth-grader at Dixon Elementary in Alabama, won the elementary girls division and was the overall elementary scorer, finishing with a score of 291 (22 tens). Second place went to Annah Edwards, a Dixon Elementary, Alabama fifth-grader, with a score of 269 (11 tens), Maia Paierniak, a fifth-grader from Augusta School, Wisconsin, was third with 267 (11 tens), and Emma Slifer, a fourth-grader from South Tama County, Iowa, was fourth with 242 (9 tens).

The Waynesburg/Highland and Stanford teams had a combined five athletes finishing in the Top 10 in the competition, with Potts and Phillips joined by Avery Wesley, Bella Snyder and Shelbie Perry in the ranking of the shoots top athletes. Wesley, Snyder and Perry are all fifth-graders and on the Waynesburg/Highland team.

Wesley had his team’s top score, finishing with a score of 251 (6 tens) to place him seventh overall in the elementary boys division. Snyder posted a score of 235 (7 tens) to place her ninth overall in the elementary girls division and her teammate, Perry, finished right behind her in 10th place, also at 235 (5 tens).

The Waynesburg/Highland team was the only school carrying a full-team roster in the competition. The team ranked 1 out of 1 with a score of 1,428 (36 tens). The team advanced to the NASP IBO 3-D Championships where they placed 17th out of 24 teams with a score of 1,382.

The scores for the team (Open and Championships) were:

Chloe Phillips: 242, 259.

Avery Wesley: 251, 247.

Bella Snyder: 235, 190.

Shelbie Perry: 235, 219.

Andrew Cash: 236, 221.

Hayden Lane: 229, 213.

Madison Hawkins: 216, 190.

Destiny McConnell: 213, 223.

Makenna Berry: 212, 211.

Bailee Hubble: 200, 167.

Chloe Hubble: 185, 182.

Potts of the Stanford team shot a 239 in the 3-D championships.

Lincoln County High School’s archery team was also in competition at Nashville as well, competing in the NASP IBO 3-D Championships. The locals placed sixth out of 39 teams with a team score of 1,706 (118 tens).

Emmalee Patterson, a freshman, and Mason Gastineau, a sophomore, led the Patriot archers. Patterson shot a 292 (24 tens) to place her fourth out of 274 high school girls, second among freshman girls. Gastineau also had 292 (23 tens) which placed him ninth out of 279 high school boys, third among sophomore boys.

Hartland High School of Michigan won the team title with a score of 1,733, Eddyville-Blakesburg-Frement High of Iowa was second with 1,729, Bullitt Central High School of Kentucky was third with 1,728, Battlefield High School of Virginia was fourth with 1,712 and Carolina Warriors Homeschool of South Carolina was fifth with 1,707.

The LCHS team also pulled out a Top 15 finish in the 2019 NASP Championships (traditional), placing 14th out of 38 teams with a score of 3,327 (175 tens).

Leading Lincoln in the competition were John Hughes, a sophomore, and Patterson. Hughes was Lincoln’s top boys archer with a score of 292 (23 tens) and Patterson led the girls with a score of 287 (18 tens).

The top five high school teams in the tourney were: Bullitt Central High School, Kentucky, 3,439; Hartland High School, Michigan, 3,435; Madison Central High School, Kentucky, 3,420; Castle High School, Indiana, 3,414; and Carolina Warriors Homeschool, South Carolina, 3,400.

The LCHS scores (3-D and traditional) were as follows:

Emmalee Patterson: 292 and 287.

Mason Gastineau: 292 and 290.

Gavin Fowler: 291 and 291.

Jennifer Radcliff: 278 and 268.

Alexis Adams: 277 and 277.

Megan Martin: 276 and 256.

John Hughes: 276 and 292.

Madelynn Durham: 273 and 281.

Bret Edgington: 273 and 269.

Jacob Holtzclaw: 273 and 282.

Madilyn Clarkson: 265 and 247.

Alideya Paul: 260 and 274.

Taylor Wesley: 254 and 236.

Sierra Downey: 241 and 260.

Allison Hubble: 237 and 237.

Phillip Lane: 193 and 214.

Stanford Elementary also had a team shooting in the traditional tournament at Nashville. The team placed 24th out of 34 teams overall with a score of 2,908 (63 tens).

Stockwell Place Elementary of Louisiana won the elementary division with 3,260, Benton Elementary, also of Louisiana, was second with 3,217 and Payneville Elementary of Kentucky was third with 3,212.

The Stanford scores in the competition were:

Zackary McElfresh: 263.

Dalton Potts: 250.

Khira Board: 250.

Emerson Lynn: 248.

Anderson Owens: 247.

Robert Gooch: 241.

Nolan Hamm: 240.

Cadence McFerron: 239.

Jose Lopez: 239.

Gavin Campbell: 235.

Landon Rowland: 233.

Aiden Pike: 232.

Reed Curlis: 228.

Kamryn Downs: 223.

Alex Cassano: 218.

Autumn McGuffey: 214.

Shelby Smith: 206.

Hunter Stafford: 200.

O’Neil Whitis: 200.

Ethan Sowder: 177.

Maya Cameron: 165.

A NASP Open was also held while the teams were in Nashville and the Waynesburg/Highland team competed in that event. The scores were: Chloe Phillips 252; Avery Wesley 242; Bella Snyder 239; Destiny McConnell 227; Shelbie Perry 225; Andrew Cash 216; Madison Hawkins 214; Hayden Lane 209; Bailee Hubble 199; Makenna Berry 198; and Chloe Hubble 169.