Lincoln County property transfers recorded

Published 11:27 am Thursday, July 25, 2019

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Property transfers recorded in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. “Sonny” Spoonamore IV this past week.

Commonwealth of Kentucky, by William M. Landrum III, Secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet, on behalf of the Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways, to Lincoln County Fiscal Court, 1.92 acres on Charlie Boone Road.

Kevin Jones to Phillip and Kayla Reed and Jody and Jennifer Jarrett, three tracts of land off KY 518 and Norris Lane, containing approximately 19.644 acres, $39,000.

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LFS Knoxville Properties, LLC, to Troy N. Thompson, executor of the Lee Frank Sadler Sr. estate, 0.753 acre near Lincoln Plaza entrance off U.S. 27, Stanford, fair cash value of property conveyed is $560,000.

Troy N. Thompson, executor of the Lee Frank Sadler Sr. estate, to Joanna C. Sadler, 0.753 acre near Lincoln Plaza entrance off U.S. 27, Stanford, fair cash value of property conveyed is $560,000.

Joanna C. Sadler to JCS Knoxville Properties, LLC, 0.753 acre near Lincoln Plaza entrance off U.S. 27, Stanford, fair cash value of property conveyed is $560,000.

Deborah and Ricky Keathley to Ricky Joe Keathley and Tammy Daugherty, lot No. 3, Phase 1, Sierra Subdivision, located on U.S. 127, $75,000.

Steven Moore to Stephanie Scott, 1.42 acres on Moore’s Lane, property settlement, fair market value of interest conveyed is $103,800.

Kathy A. and Timothy O. Tillett to Jeremy P. Todd, 12.96 acres on KY 698, gift, fair cash value of property conveyed is $26,000.

Laurel R. Clark to Justin and Bobi Jean Ranck, lots No. 3-5, Block C, in Hilltop Subdivision, on Maple Street, Stanford, $75,000.

Jennifer J. Stephens, f.k.a. Jennifer Gibson, to Patrick W. and Maria M. Wall, 0.528 acre on Rice Lane, Stanford, $96,750.

Dora Francis Shearer and Jennifer and Tony Turner to Morgan Turner, property on Youngs Court, situated off Logan Avenue, Stanford, $40,000.

Chester and Barbara Cornett to Lisa Cornett Lalonde, 0.08 acre on Halls Gap Estates Road, gift, fair cash value of property conveyed is $100.

Bonnie Watson to Ethan Klemme and Sarah Morgan, approximately 21.744 acres off Jim Weaver Road, $20,000.

Carmel, LLC, to Joseph E. and Melanie H. Hafley, 0.134 acre on High Ridge Road, $1,000.

John and Jamie L. Tankersley to Jess Farmer, lot No. 14, Phase 1, Sierra Subdivision, $149,700.

Charlene Gibbons, f.k.a. Charlene Nevels, to Tommy Owens, property near Hubble, $140,000.

Jessica Wooten and Scott Eagle to Carrie Underwood, 0.89 acre off KY 590, $500.

Jessica Eagle, f.k.a. Jessica Wooten, and Scott Eagle to Carrie Underwood, approximately 2.634 acres on KY 590, $74,500.

Berdina Baugh Mullins, Brian Dale Mullins, Steven D. Mullins Jr. and Sandra Jean Mullins to David and Sonja L. Bratcher, three tracts of land near Ottenheim on the waters of Cedar Creek, containing approximately 45.25 acres, $72,500.

Ronnie D. and Della R. Andrew to Glen Eugene and Mary E. Smith, two tracts of land on U.S. 27, containing approximately 1.207 acres, $128,000.

Gary Moore to Billy G. and Bertheda Berry, property on Green River Road, lying 3-½ miles southeast of McKinney, $9,000.

Arnold Ray Akers to Eric Soper and Stacey Blume-Soper, 30 acres on Will Chancellor Road, $220,000.

Donya Y. Baker to Jonathan R. Baker, lot No. 18, Block B, Morgan Manor Subdivision, situated on Bell Street, lot No. 88 of Land of Goshen Subdivision, located on Gilbert’s Creek Road, lots No. 25 and No. 34, Phase 2, Baughman Ridge Estates and property on Pettus Court and Miller Street, Stanford, property settlement.

Jeffrey Wade, Zea Haston Hawley, formerly Zea Demaree, and Terry Hawley to Razr Investments, LLC, approximately 5.413 acres off Swope Road, $30,000.

Kathy Cruz, now Kathy Franco, and Wanda McCowan Wray to Wanda McCowan Wray, a.k.a. Wanda Marie McCowan-Wray, and Jeffery Howard McCowan, two parcels of property on Bowen Road, containing approximately 8.43 acres, $73,309.

Charles Pat and Carol A. Buckler to Melva Dean Speaks, two parcels of property on Hustonville Street, Stanford, $72,500.

William and Georgia Harris to Kevin Stephens, approximately 0.939 acre on Ellison Ridge Road, $12,000.

Bridget L. and Bobby King II to Mason E. Belcher, lot No. 14, Section 3, Silver Flats Subdivision, $109,900.

Dalton Ray Southerland to Tomasz and Heather Toney Ciochon, lot No. 37, Phase 5, Hunters Trace Subdivision, $250,000.

Bess A. Wilson to Jennifer L. Black, trustee of The Wilson Family Irrevocable Trust, lot No. 72, Block B, Oakwood Estates Subdivision, fair market value of property conveyed is $100,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Robert Sexton, Sylvia Sexton, Ashley N. Clark, a.k.a. Ashley N. Sexton, Capital One Bank USA, N.A., Discover Bank, Keightley & Parsley, PSC, d.b.a. St. Joseph Jessamine Emergency Department, LVNV Funding, LLC, U.S. Bank, N.A., and E.M.H.F.L. Inc., d.b.a. Fort Logan Hospital, by and through Edward G. May, Master Commissioner of the Lincoln Circuit Court, to Dan L. and Jane N. Barnett, 0.50 acre on KY 698, $93,601.

Thomas Harmon to Kamil and Lucia Kaminski, lots No. 20, No. 21 and No. 26 of Silvertree Park Subdivision, $7,500.

Relevate Properties, LLC, to Daniel and Katelynn Mullins, property on KY 328, $64,900.

Rita Smith Ellis to Mark and Lisa Bauder, lot No. 17, Arcadia Heights Subdivision, Section 2, $19,900.

Miranda and William Baker Hubble to Barry T. and Katherine U. White, approximately 54.70 acres in Lincoln County, $42,000.

Jesse and Dorothy Byler to Ervin J. and Katie M. Yoder, 7.687 acres on Harmons Lick Road, in Lincoln and Garrard counties, $145,000.

Robert Scott Lane and Kathy C. Lane to Feldman Lumber Company, 4.894 acres off Sudduth Lane, $1.

Glenn Ray Morgan to Gordon Chaney, approximately one acre in Lincoln County, $6,500.

Norman and Laura King to Robert and Mary K. Byler, property off Harmons Lick Road, fair cash value of property conveyed is $3,400.

Aaron and Alma Troyer to Timothy A. and Delores M. Byler, approximately 6.85 acres on the Chappel Gap-Crab Orchard Road, $125,000.

Carmel, LLC, to Andrew B. and Amber N. Larkin, two parcels of property, being 0.788 acre on High Ridge Road and 0.822 acre on Valley View Road, $175,000.

David Arden Robbins to Carla Sue Hubble, property on the waters of Buck Creek in Parlor Grove section, property settlement.

Robert G. Reed and Virginia P. and Robert H. Cox to Alwyn Brooks Perry Jr., property off U.S. 27, $43,000.

Alwyn Brooks Perry Jr. to Harold and Martha Baker, property off U.S. 27, $2,500.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.,and Juliet Nicholas, by and through Edward G. May, Master Commissioner of the Lincoln Circuit Court, to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., property on KY 698, $41,870.