Lincoln shooters shine at state NASP tournament

Published 10:55 am Thursday, March 28, 2019

LOUISVILLE — With a record 7,039 student archers representing more than 450 schools converging on the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville for the Kentucky National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) State Tournament, it was easy to get lost in the crowd.

However, the Lincoln County High School archery team found a way to stand out in the crowd of archers by claiming the runner-up spot in the NASP/IBO 3D Challenge and by taking third place in the Bullseye State Tournament.

The co-ed Lincoln team posted a score of 1,711 to finish in second place in the 3D Challenge and had a team score of 3,430 in the bullseye tournament for third.

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The 3D challenge differs from the traditional bullseye state tournament in that archers shoot at six lifelike foam targets depicting various game animals. The 3D targets are set in a diagonal line from 10 to 15 meters and the scoring rings are the same size and shape of the rings on standard NASP bullseye targets. In the bullseye competition, archers shoot 15 arrows at bullseye targets from 10 meters and 15 more from 15 meters. Each target has 10 scoring rings and the bullseye is worth 10. The highest possible score is 300.

LCHS sophomores Gavin Fowler and McKenzie Settles led the local archers in the 3D Challenge, with both placing fourth in their respective divisions.

Fowler had Lincoln’s high score in the competition, shooting 291 to place him fourth out of 333 high school boys. He was one of three archers with a 291, but Fowler claimed third on tens. He had 23 and the other two, Ernest Walls of Bullitt Central High School and Michael Bishop of Anderson County High School, had 22 and 21 tens, respectively.

Settles earned her fourth in basically the same scenario in the girls division of 291 shooters. Settles, Ally Smith of Lafayette High School and Grace Hofstetter of Simon Kenton High School finished the competition tied with a score of 289, but Settles emerged with the higher placement with 21 tens compared to 20 for Smith and 19 for Hofstetter.

Bullitt Central took the team 3D Challenge title with a 1,728. Trigg County finished behind Lincoln in third place with 1,708.

Christa Nelson, a senior at Bullitt Central High School, won the girls 3D Challenge with a score of 295. Morgan Belcher, a senior at Pulaski County High School, finished second with 292 and Audrey Smith, a sophomore at Trigg County High School, placed third with 290.

The boys division of the 3D Challenge came down to a tiebreaker between Anderson County High School sophomore Henry Thompson and Hopkins County Central High School senior T Sanchez. They tied for first place with scores of 297. Thompson won the tiebreaker and the boys division overall title. Taking third place was Trigg County High School senior Garett Knight with 295.

Settles also garnered fourth to lead Lincoln in the bullseye tournament. This time Settles rose to the top in a field of 1,145 female shooters. And again she edged out Lafayette’s Smith for the higher spot. The two shooters each shot 293 but Settles had 25 tens while Smith had 23.

Mason Gastineau led the Lincoln boys in the bullseye tournament. The LCHS sophomore shot a 293 to place him ninth out of 1,221 shooters.

Madison Central High School defended its overall team title, edging Bullitt Central High School and Lincoln County High School. Madison Central had a score of 3,449 and Bullitt Central had a score of 3.434.

Finishing ahead of Settles in girls bullseye were Paige Robbins, a sophomore at Simon Kenton High School, Holly Snow, a Simon Kenton junior, and Sarah Palmer, a Henry Clay High School senior. Robbins won the state title with a 295 and Snow and Palmer both shot 294.

In the boys division, the top four shooters were Justin Luttrell of Casey County, Anderson’s Henry Thompson, Wolfe County’s Colten Arnett and Hopkins County Central’s T Sanchez. Luttrell, a junior won with 298. Thompson was second with 297, Arnett, a senior, was third with 297 and Sanchez placed fourth with 296.

Lincoln County High’s complete team scoring follows with each shooter’s name followed by their scores for 3D Challenge and then Bullseye.

Alexis Adams: 267 and 268.

Mallory Bruner: 264 (Bullseye only).

Madilyn Clarkson: 239 and 266.

Allissa Doss: 212 and 242.

Sierra Downey: 277 and 281.

Madelynn Durham: 279 and 278.

Bret Edgington: 260 and 276.

Parker Estep: 240 and 247.

Gavin Fowler: 291 and 291.

Brooklyn Garrett: 265 and 286.

Mason Gastineau: 274 and 293.

Jacob Holtzclaw: 286 and 285.

Allison Hubble: 228 (3D only).

John Hughes: 265 and 281.

Phillip Lane: 111 (3D only).

Emily Martin: 213 (3D only).

Megan Martin: 253 and 274.

Fletcher Oakes: 250 (3D only).

Emmalee Patterson: 286 and 288.

Alideya Paul: 273 and 286.

Lindsey Phillips: 278 (Bullseye only).

Jennifer Radcliff: 265 and 281.

Garrett Robertson: 280 and 278.

McKenzie Settles: 289 and 293.

Jacob Schuler: 255 (Bullseye only).

Emily Shaddox: 226 (Bullseye only).

James Shaddox: 261 and 287.

Taylor Wesley: 202 and 232.

Teams from Lincoln County Middle School, Stanford Elementary and Waynesburg Elementary also competed in the state tournament. The scores from each of the teams follow, with 3D Challenge scores listed first ahead of bullseye.

Lincoln Co. Middle

Cole Bourne: 230 (Bullseye only).

Ashley Cole: 257 (Bullseye only).

Hailey Conder: 233 (Bullseye only).

Jae Cox: 236 and 260.

Kathryn Davis: 251 and 271.

Jimmy Deatherage: 264 (Bullseye only).

Olivia Denny: 273 (Bullseye only).

Dakota Floyd: 267 and 257.

Parker Grubbs: 256 (Bullseye only).

Savannah Hoseclaw: 203 (Bullseye only).

Logan Lawson: 258 (Bullseye only).

Rheagan McKnight: 245 (Bullseye only).

Katie Martin: 389 (Bullseye only).

Logan Martin: 274 (Bullseye only).

Leighla Moore: 252 (Bullseye only).

Nathan Parret: 255 and 258.

Kalyn Peek: 259 (Bullseye only).

Marissa Prieto: 254 (Bullseye only).

Courtney Siler: 255 (Bullseye only).

Baylea Snow: 242 (Bullseye only).

Mason Waddell: 239 and 240.

Kayla Walters: 235 (Bullseye only).

Leevi Warren: 254 and 281.

Stanford Elementary

Khira Board: 204 and 248.

Maya Cameron: 84 and 117.

Gavin Campbell: 232 and 259.

Kayla Candido: 158 (3D only).

Alex Cassano: 95 and 233.

Reed Curlis: 185 and 221.

Kamryn Downs: 167 and 225.

Robert Gooch: 267 and 269.

Nolan Hamm: 251 and 253.

McKenna Jones: 181 (Bullseye only).

Jose Lopez: 150 and 195.

Emerson Lynn: 183 and 253.

Zackary McElfresh: 256 and 247.

Cadence McFerron: 208 and 249.

Autumn McGuffey: 103 (3D only).

Ashton Mobley: 180 and 239.

Brooklyn Nicely: 198 (Bullseye only).

Jackson Osbourn: 118 and 159.

Anderson Owens: 194 and 219.

Aiden Pike: 148 and 165.

Dalton Potts: 236 and 252.

Landon Rowland: 186 and 234.

Shelby Smith: 179 and 178.

Ethan Sowder: 138 and 189.

Hunter Stafford: 263 (Bullseye only).

O’Neill Whitis: 178 and 235.

Bryce Williams: 83 (3D only).

Waynesburg Elementary 3D

Andrew Cash: 239.

Avery Wesley: 246.

Waynesburg Elementary Bullseye

Makenna Berry: 225.

Ella Bratcher: 200.

Andrew Cash: 229.

Lily Denny: 244.

Blaze Fox: 185.

Hailee Hardy: 229.

Madison Hawkins: 210.

Bailee Hubble: 179.

Chloe Hubble: 173.

Hayden Lane: 255.

Destiny McConnell: 174.

Rubi Mullins: 214.

Shelbie Perry: 215.

Chloe Phillips: 220.

Cruz Phillips: 113.

Gage Phillips: 185.

Haylee Pitman: 184.

Kinlee Ruckel: 176.

Bella Snyder: 233.

Kaylee Vice: 220.

Avery Wesley: 253.

Damon Wiles: 251.

Ashlynn Wooton: 221.