LC relay teams, Wesley post wins at Patriot Games

Published 11:00 am Thursday, March 28, 2019

STANFORD — The Lincoln County track and field teams came away from Friday’s home meet with a runner-up finish for the Lady Patriots and a fourth-place showing for the Patriots.

The Lady Patriots racked up the most points for Lincoln, scoring in 16 of the 17 events contested for a combined 92 points to finish second out of 11 teams at their own Patriot Games. The only event Lincoln didn’t score in – the 100-meter hurdles – was the only one the Lady Patriots didn’t enter.

The Lincoln girls took home eight top 3 medals in the home meet, garnering two first-place finishes, two for second place and four third-place spots. They finished second only to Pulaski County in the meet, as the Lady Maroons claimed the girls team title with a dominating 132 points. Madison Southern finished right behind Lincoln in third place with 91 points.

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The Lady Patriots’ wins came in the 1600-meter relay and the triple jump.

Sophomores Shayley Reed and McKenzie Settles and freshman running mates Ava Morgan and Bailey Story finished all alone at the finish in the 1600 relay, covering the distance in 4:36.30, nine seconds ahead of the runner-up team. North Laurel followed Lincoln across the finish line in 4:45.15.

Senior Alexa Wesley found success in field competition, scoring in three events off the track, including the win in triple jump. Just over a foot separated Wesley and her nearest competitor, as she cleared a distance of 29-08.00 for the win. Morgan Bruin, a sophomore from Pulaski County, finished in second place with a jump of 28-07.00.

Wesley went high instead of long in her second-best finish of the day, claiming third place in the high jump event by clearing 4-04.00. She was back in the pits for her third scoring effort of the day, jumping 12-08.75 to place fourth in the girls triple jump.

Lincoln’s two second-place finishes both came in relays.

The girls 3200-meter relay team of Settles, Reed, Story and Constance Johnson ran a strong race in the first event of the meet, turning in a time of 10:58.08. However, Casey County would outrace Lincoln to the finish, crossing in 10:44.94 for the win.

A record-setting effort would top Lincoln in the 800-meter relay. The Lady Patriot team of Zaria Napier, Desirae Ellison, Maddy Slone and Macey Rice finished the race in a time of 2:01.08 but Pulaski County beat the previous record set by Lincoln at last year’s Games (1:54.04), winning in 1:52.7. Napier, Ellison, Slone and Rice would finish behind Pulaski County in the 400-meter relay as well. The Lady Maroons won in 1:51.81, Madison Southern followed in second in 1:55.52 and Lincoln ran third in 1:55.85.

The Lady Patriots’ other third-place finishes came in the 200-meter and 400-meter dashes. Zaria Napier sprinted to the 200 finish in a time of 28.72 seconds for third and Settles covered the 400 in 1:06.64 for third.

The Patriots also racked up eight top 3 finishes Friday, but they would find themselves in fourth place overall in the team competition, finishing with 75 points. Pulaski also won the boys team title, scoring 119 points. North Laurel was second with 115 and Southwestern was third with 78.

While the Lincoln boys could not top their female teammates in team competition scoring, they did top them in the number of wins posted with three to the girls’ two as the Patriots celebrated victory in the 800-meter, 1600-meter and 400-meter relays.

Seniors Darius Napier and Dalyn Pope and junior teammates Zack Hazlett, Carlton Randall and Calvin Randall used their combined efforts to earn the 800 and 1600 relay wins in record pace. The Lincoln quartet of Napier, Hazlett, Randall and Randall broke the previous record of 1:41.65 in the 800 set by Madison Southern last spring with a time of 1:35.34 Friday. Pope joined Hazlett, Randall and Randall on the track to beat the record in the last relay of the day, the 1600. The Lincoln team won in a time of 3:40.59. The previous record set by West Jessamine last spring was 3:50.97.

In both the 800 and 1600 relays, the top three teams all broke the record. In the 800, Pulaski finished second in 1:37.64 and North Laurel was third in 1:40.24.In the 1600, Madison Southern ran second in 3:47.15 and North Laurel was third in 3:50.85.

The Patriot foursome of Napier, Hazlett, Randall and Randall claimed the third relay win in the 400-meter race. Lincoln claimed the win in a time of 46.27 seconds. Pulaski crossed in second in 46.72 seconds.

Malcom Wright, an LCHS sophomore, put in a strong performance in Friday’s Patriot Games, hurdling his way to a runner-up finish in the 300-meter hurdles. His time in the event was a record-breaking 46.34 seconds. Like in the boys 800 and 1600 relays, the top three runners in the hurdles all bested the previous best time in the event. That time was 47.95 seconds set by Isaac Kratzer of West Jessamine in 2018. Storm Gambill of North Laurel won in a time of 45.59 seconds and Grayson Turner of Pulaski County placed third in 46.68 seconds.

There were some familiar names in the Patriots’ other top 3 finishes, with Napier, Hazlett and Pope all finishing near the top in the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes and long jump.

Hazlett finished as runner-up in the 200-meter dash in 24.31 seconds, crossing just ahead of Napier, who finished third in 24.49 seconds. AJ Jones of Madison Southern edged out Hazlett in 24.29 seconds to win the race. Napier also finished third in the 100-meter dash, timed at 11.57 seconds.

Pope earned his third-place effort in the long jump field event, going a distance of 17-07.50 feet.

Patriot Games Results


1) Pulaski Co. 132; 2) Lincoln Co. 92; 3) Madison Southern 91; 4) North Laurel 58; 5) Casey Co. 44; 6) Southwestern 41; 7) Parlor Grove Christian Academy 34; 8) Russell Co. 14; 9) Woodland Hills Homeschool 6; 9) Burgin 6; 11) Somerset Christian School 4.

Lincoln results and records-setters (*)

4×800 relay: 2) Lincoln Co. 10:58.08 (McKenzie Settles, Shayley Reed, Constance Johnson, Bailey Story).

100: *1) Maddy Dunn, Pulaski County, 12.79; *2) Kaylynn Wright, Madison Southern, 12.97; 4) Zaria Napier (LC) 13.97; 5) Maddy Slone (LC) 14.69.

4×200 relay: *1) Pulaski Co. 1:52.7; 2) Lincoln Co. 2:01.08 (Zaria Napier, Desirae Ellison, Maddy Slone, Macey Rice).

1600: *1) Ashlyn Liddle, Parlor Grove 5:28.59; 7) Constance Johnson (LC) 6:15.69; 8) Alexis Slone 6:15.79.

4×100 relay: 3) Lincoln Co. 1:55.85 (M. Slone, Z. Napier, Rice, Ellison).

400: 3) McKenzie Settles (LC) 1:06.64; 6) Bailey Story (LC) 1:11.34.

300 hurdlers: 5) Johnson (LC) 58.36.

800: 5) Settles (LC) 2:41.07; 7) Ava Morgan (LC) 2:49.82.

200: 1) Dunn, Pulaski Co., 26.96; 3) Z. Napier (LC) 28.72; 7) M. Slone (LC) 30.69.

3200: *1) Abby Vaughn, Casey Co., 12:28.16; *2) Lauren Smith, Pulaski Co., 12:39.56; 4) A. Slone (LC) 13:50.52; 5) Mayci Godbey (LC) 14:24.21.

4×400 relay: 1) Lincoln Co. 4:36.30 (Story, Settles, Reed, Ava Morgan).

Shot put: 1) Brenna Hayes, Casey Co., 33-10.00; 4) Suzan Johnson (LC) 25-04.00; 9) Keri Kidd (LC) 20-10.00.

Discus: 4) Johnson (LC) 72-02; 7) Kidd (LC) 55-11.

Long jump: 4) Alexa Wesley (LC) 12-08.75; 6) Camea Centers (LC) 12-05.50.

Triple jump: 1) Wesley (LC) 29-08.00.

High jump: 3) Wesley (LC) J4-04.00.


1) Pulaski Co. 119; 2) North Laurel 115; 3) Southwestern 78; 4) Lincoln Co. 75; 5) Madison Southern 71; 6) Woodland Hills Homeschool 30; 7) Casey Co. 18; 8) Burgin 11; 9) Russell Co. 10.

Lincoln results and records-setters (*)

4×800: *1) North Laurel 9:12.57; 6) Lincoln Co. 10:20.94 (Jordan Greer, Gabe Singleton, Trace Taylor, Dalton Patterson).

110 hurdles: *1) Storm Gambill, North Laurel, 16.49; *2) Matthew Marcum, Madison Southern, 17.35.

100 dash: *1) JP Vaught, Southwestern, 10.99; 3) Darius Napier 11.57; 4) Carlton Randall 11.60.

4×200: *1) Lincoln Co. 1:35.34 (Zack Hazlett, Darius Napier, Calvin Randall, Carlton Randal). *2) Pulaski Co. 1:37.64; *3) North Laurel 1:40.24.

1600: *1) Isaiah Strauel, Woodland Hills, 4:36.20; *2) VictorClark, North Laurel 4:51.46; 11) Jordan Greer (LC) 5:51.02; 14) Dalton Patterson (LC) 6:27.67.

4×100 relay: 1) Lincoln Co. 46.27 (Carlton Randall, Hazlett, Calvin Randall, D. Napier).

400: *1) Drew Sawyers, Southwestern, 52.47; 6) Dalyn Pope (LC) 57.14; 11) Bricen Alcorn (LC) 58.90.

300 hurdles: 1) Gambill, North Laurel, 45.59; 2) Malcolm Wright (LC) 46.34; 3) Grayson Turner, Pulaski Co., 46.68; 10) Daniel Pence (LC 1:06.07.

800: *1) Strauel, Woodland Hills, 2:00.92; *2) Jeremiah Pierce, Pulaski Co., 2:09.51; *3) Justin Sparkman, North Laurel, 2:11.12; 10) Gabe Singleton (LC) 2:26.39; 16) Greer (LC) 2:40.62.

200: 2) Zack Hazlett (LC) 24.31; 3) D. Napier (LC) 24.49.

3200: *1) Strauel, Woodland Hills, 10:17.59; 2) Clark, North Laurel, 10:24.59; 9) Davis Wardrip (LC) 14:10.79; 10) Patterson (LC) 14:17.34.

4×400 relay: *1) Lincoln Co. 3:40.59 (Dalyn Pope, Hazlett, Calvin Randall, Carlton Randall).

Shot put: 12) Darren Griffin (LC) 30-02.00; 15) Ethan Lane (LC) 20-10.00.

Discus: *1) Christian Bach, Southwestern, 136-00; *2) Jacob Robinson, North Laurel, 121-02; *3) Justin Kosmecki, Southwestern, 109-06; 12) Griffin (LC) 72-04; 15) Lane (LC) 44-05.

Long jump: 3) Dalyn Pope (LC) 17-07.50; 6) Justin Smith (LC) 16-05.00.

Triple jump: *1) Jake Sloan, Pulaski Co., 39-08.00; *2) Dalton Bertram, Pulaski Co., 38-09.75.

High jump: *1) Brayden Carson, Madison Southern, 6-00.00; 2) Zach Travis, Pulaski Co., J6-00.00; 4) Wright (LC) 5-02.00; — Christophe Combs (LC) NH.