Published 2:49 pm Thursday, February 28, 2019

By Scena Ann Petrey

During Bro. Joseph’s absence with the youth on a skiing trip to Indiana last weekend, Bro. Jerry led the morning worship. Ron Andrew shared a testimony about his life group (Sunday school) experiences. During trials, troubles, and blessings, his life group brings many blessings and support to him. Everyone involved with Life Groups can testify to this as being a positive in his/her life.

Bro. Kyle continued with his series from 1 Thessalonians 3:1-8 with his sermon “Leaning on One Another in Hard Times.” Too often we try to “go it alone”. Loneliness is an epidemic since the 1980’s with over 40 percent of Americans reporting as being lonely.

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Why is Christian community (fellowship) so important; why do we need one another? When Paul, Silas, and Timothy were forced to leave Thessalonica by the mob, they did not leave spiritually. Paul continued with his letter to the church encouraging them through prayer and information he received from others. Paul wanted them to know he had not forgotten them. Thus, he sent Timothy back to Thessalonica.

Timothy walked with them encouraging, strengthening them in words and presence. He reported to Paul who was in Corinth that the Thessalonians were doing well by standing strong in the Gospel.

From this we learn that Christ is our ultimate encourager. We need to understand our vital role in other’s growth through prayer and support. Through small groups (Sunday school) we connect with others to learn about each other. “We cannot do this alone.” The spiritual life is meant to be an interconnected part with others.

The choir will begin working on the Easter music on Sunday, March 3 at 5 p.m.

Kid’s Camp is July 21-24 for students coming out of the second grade through sixth grade. A $75 deposit/per person is due Feb. 17. See Stacy for more information.

We extend sympathy and prayers to the following: Adrian Waddell and his family whose grandmother Elsie Moore passed away last week; to James Tarter and his family whose mother Enca Tarter passed away last week; and to the family of Ronald Holton who passed away last week.

Congratulations to Cody and Sydney Tarter on the birth of their son Jhett. His grandparents are Sherrie and James Tarter. Congratulations to Robbie and Francis Manning on the birth of grandson Isaac.

Thought for the week: “Encouragement is oxygen to the soul.”