Published 11:37 am Friday, January 11, 2019

By Scena Ann Petrey

We express sympathy and prayers to the family of Earl Nantz. Earl and his wife Ollie, members of Pleasant View for many years, always expressed their love for their heavenly Father and everyone around them. He passed away last week to be present with his heavenly Father. While Ollie, his daughter Debbie, son Mark, grandchildren, and brother Theo will miss him, so will his church family.

We also extend sympathy and prayers to Tim Reeves and his family. His mother Dorris Anderson Reeves passed away last week.

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Madison Cornett sang a special “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” Sunday, Jan. 6 during the receiving of the offering. Jessica Page also sang a special entitled “New Wine.” Words that held special meaning were “make me whatever You want me to be. When I trust You, I don’t need to understand.”

Bro. Kyle continued with his sermon series “It’s a New Day” by preaching on “Giving: Investing in Eternity”. He began by saying, “Giving should not be considered a chore, but rather be a cheerful giver.”

Giving takes the right kind of motivation was the first point of his sermon. If we give during hurricanes, wildfires, etc. without the right attitude, it means nothing. God looks at our giving with our attitude. We should give each gift as if we are giving directly to honor God.

Giving is an opportunity to serve God and others was the second point. God does not need our money; He already owns everything. Giving is our opportunity to honor God with what He has given us. It is not about the amount; it is about the heart.

The third and final point was giving brings a blessing. Giving draws our hearts to God and keeps Him first in our hearts. We learn to be more like Jesus through giving. Using money God’s way provides more for us; we cannot outgive God.

Please be in prayer for several of our members who will be attending the Haiti Mission trip Jan. 17-21.

The GBC 23rd annual women’s conference will be held Saturday, Jan. 19 at Gethsemane Baptist Church in Danville. The speaker will be Robyn Dykstra and the topic will be “Finding Hope in the Midst of the Messes”. Registration and breakfast will begin at 8 a.m. with the conference starting at 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Lunch will be provided. The deadline to sign up is Sunday, Jan. 14.

Thought for the week: “God never said the road would be easy, but He did promise you’d never be alone.”