K-9 Nico receives ballistic vest

Published 3:09 pm Thursday, December 27, 2018

STANFORD — City of Stanford Police Department’s K9 Nico has received donation of body armor – a bulletproof vest.

Nico, a Belgian Malinois, with his partner Stanford Policeman Preston Middleton at his side, received the vest from Lincoln County K-9 Deputy Michael Mullins, Lincoln County Emergency Management Deputy Director Trish O’Quin and Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce Director Andrea Miller Tuesday morning at the Lincoln County Fiscal Court Meeting.

The gifted vest was made possible through the Safe Communities network and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department.

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“This was done through the Operation Unite and Safe Communities Coalition,” O’Quin said. “They give us money every six months and this time we were able to get the vest for the dog for his protection.”

“We made an investment for Robin’s (Jones) dog and we were able to get this one for Nico. It was originally supposed to go to the Sheriff’s office, that’s why Mr. Mullins is here with us, but he agreed to give it to Nico since he’s on the street and working right now. He was instrumental in getting it ordered and Preston in getting it fitted for the dog. It’s a full ballistic vest to protect our furry officer.”

Middleton was very appreciative of the gifted vest.

“He gets turned out on felony subjects and in harm’s way because we obviously actually do law enforcement,” he said. “Just in the past week, one dog was shot four times and one was shot three times. Both police K-9s are expected to have a full recovery. It’s just like us with this job, they wear the ballistic vest just in case something like that was to happen. This is just another tool for us to keep our partner safe, prolong his life. That way we have him for the city.”

Miller, who wrote the grant for the money, said it’s important to protect the investment the city has in Nico.

“It’s been a big investment for our law enforcement for the training and to get the dogs so we want to protect our investment. It’s like a $20,000 investment,” she said. “We hope to continue to try to make a difference.”

While appreciative of the gift, Middleton had one slight change to Miller’s classifying of Nico.

“Your all’s asset, my family,” he said with a smile.