Williams for sheriff

Published 12:30 pm Thursday, October 25, 2018

In the spirit of “Best in Business” awards announced today, I am casting my vote for my husband, John Williams, as the best police officer! Why? Because he’s qualified, called, passionate and has tremendous respect for the badge and uniform he wears.

John was elected twice as District 1 Constable. It was during his first term in this position that his passion was born. Over the next seven years as Constable, I saw John work daily, in an unpaid position, motivated solely by passion and respect for the badge. I witnessed the seriousness and pride John displayed day-in and day-out every time he bore that badge and went to ‘work’ serving in this role.

Being a certified officer since 2010, John worked four years as a Sheriff’s Deputy for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and is currently serving with the Stanford Police Department for a total of 15 years law enforcement experience.

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In previous work, John has over six years’ experience as Coordinator and Safety Officer for a nearby company. In that role, John was responsible for scheduling equipment and ~100 employees to all contracted jobs all over the state as well as out of state. As the Safety Officer, John performed OSHA training for employees in addition to writing Policies & Procedures.

Perhaps most importantly … I know, that I know, that I know John Williams is doing what he’s called to do. I am certain of that beyond all doubt. Repeatedly, I’m told by others of the respect with which John has treated them during their encounters with him. From both sides of the badge, whether he’s answering a call requiring confrontation or working alongside fellow Officers, the common denominator is respect. Respect for the person, the situation and the badge.

For these reasons and many more, I think my husband is the best in the business of law enforcement!

I’m voting John Williams for Lincoln County Sheriff and I am asking you to do the same on November 6th. John is an honest man of integrity who is called to this work, wears the badge with the utmost pride and respect and he is qualified to be your Sheriff.

Reach out on Facebook at John Williams for Lincoln County Sheriff for any questions, concerns and support.

Trixie Williams
Lincoln County