Dalton for family court judge

Published 12:28 pm Thursday, October 25, 2018

Family court is the one court that has the potential to touch the daily lives of more citizens than any other. From decisions affecting children, decisions about child support, decisions regarding timeshare, or decisions concerning domestic violence, chances are that if you haven’t been to family court, you know a family member, a neighbor or an acquaintance that has. And the decisions that are made in family court ripple out into the community, like a pebble thrown into a pond, potentially affecting us all.

This November, we, the voters of Lincoln County, have the opportunity to vote for our next family court judge. We are writing today to ask that you consider voting for our friend, Melinda Gillum Dalton. We have known Melinda Gillum Dalton both personally and professionally; she is kind, compassionate and wise. She has 20 years of experience in family law, regularly practicing here in Lincoln County that entire time. Melinda Gillum Dalton is an advocate for what is BEST for families.

But don’t just take our word for it, here is what others are saying about her:

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“I work with Melinda Gillum Dalton every day and see how hard she works, both inside and outside the courtroom, to protect children and to improve their quality of life.” — Heidi Powers

“Melinda Gillum Dalton is involved in all aspects of her children’s lives and also volunteers at church to teach children. They are a huge part of her life and have been for many years.” — Stacy Back

“Melinda knew exactly what to do, wasting no time doing it. We had the girls here in Kentucky in two weeks.” — Jessica Blevins

“She took time out of her already hectic campaign schedule to color with my granddaughter. Not only does she have the right experience, but she also has the biggest heart.” — Tina New

“I love that she gets it! Doesn’t look at a label or title.” — Tammy Burns

“Please vote for Melinda. I truly believe she is the best one for this position.” — Penny Flynn

“I support Melinda Gillum Dalton for Family Court Judge. She has lived this job for 20 years.” — Derek Eastham

You can also ask those that regularly work in family court in Lincoln County, as well as those that work in the Lincoln County courthouse. They will tell you that Melinda Gillum Dalton is the only candidate that regularly practices in Lincoln County and in family court.

I hope that our Lincoln County family and friends will join us in voting for Melinda Gillum Dalton for family court judge on Nov. 6, 2018. She truly has the right experience that makes her the right choice for family court judge.

Mark and Kellie Wilson
Lincoln County