Venters for family court judge

Published 10:31 am Friday, October 12, 2018

The American Judiciary is the place where the contemporary David stands a fair chance against the contemporary Philistine giant Goliath. It is a place where people can settle their differences more amicably than they otherwise could on their own. It is also a place where difficult decisions of law, morality, and civil liberties are adjudicated applying the law and, hopefully, a measure of compassion.

For these reasons, and after careful consideration and reflection, I feel it incumbent upon me to state my public endorsement of Jane Adams Venters to be the next Family Court Judge in Lincoln County.

I believe all three candidates to be experienced, reasonable and fair people who have a deep appreciation for justice. However, I think that Jane’s qualifications set her apart from the other candidates. For over 33 years, Jane has been involved in many areas of the law which have distinctly qualified her to be the next family court judge in Lincoln County.

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She has served on the state Board of Education, which gives her insight into the lives of our county’s young people. Mrs. Venters has also been an advocate for the poor and working classes of this great commonwealth — it has been one of her visions to improve access to the court for those who are less fortunate.

Having worn multiple hats as chair of both the Eastern Kentucky Legal Services Agency and the Kentucky Bar Association Charitable Foundation.

Often times we must go a step further and look to things that aren’t so easily measured, like life experiences and other factors which mold individuals to be the best that they can be in their personal lives.

The Family Court is a special place in our judicial system in the commonwealth and needs to be guided by a rational, experienced and intellectual mind. Mrs. Venters, in my estimation, is that person in this race.

The people of Lincoln County have a choice and each individual needs to study the candidates and reach their own conclusion, but it is my hope that for people who know me and trust my judgement will consider the facts I have laid herein. Mrs. Venters is a person of a great width and breadth of admirable qualities.

Chance C. Bender
Lincoln County