Published 1:07 pm Thursday, September 13, 2018

By Shelby Lakes

King Louis XIV of France had a minister for his family, Brother David Conrades said, and other people often came to the services.

Once, the preacher had announced that the king would not be there, and no one showed but the king. They were absent because they only came to see who was there and to flatter the king.

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This happens all the time, Brother David said. Many act as though God’s time is only on Sunday and thinks God will be happy if they come to church and put some money in the plate.

This has been going on for ages, Brother David said, even in the earliest days of the church.

Thyatira was a small church located on a major trade route, Brother David said, and little industries sprung up there, and these had their own gods that they worshiped, and they soon became the center of power.

This church was influenced by the guilds and began putting their emphasis on works, yielding to false teachings, and mistaking God’s grace for God’s approval.

Worship must come before works, Brother David said. Works should flow from worship, not take its place.

When you put anything before the Lord, you set yourself up to be led away from the Lord. Jezebel, in the scriptures, led the people away from God. One sin was mentioned in the scripture as being practiced by that church: sexual immorality.

God’s grace and mercy should not be mistaken for God’s approval, Brother David said. This church made this mistake, and they could not have been more wrong.

There is something we all can do, Brother David said; “Repent and turn to the Savior, who died for you.