Lincoln property transfers recorded

Published 12:44 pm Thursday, August 16, 2018

Property transfers recently recorded in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. “Sonny” Spoonamore IV.

Harold B. Upton Jr. to Chris and Nikki Upton, 2.637 acres on Shake Rag Road, $5,000.

George R. Preston to Brandon Wayne and Shannon Leah Holtzclaw, property on Holtzclaw Lane, lying two miles north of Hustonville, $97,000.

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Raymond C. and Juanita Sims to Jason E. and Jamie Sims, 4.756 acres on Robertstown Road, Kings Mountain, gift, fair market value of interest conveyed is $23,000.

Randy Jay Kennedy to Jerry Lewis and Renta Jean McAninch, two tracts of land in Lincoln County, containing 4.47 acres, situated off M. Sims Road, $40,000.

Allan Ray Leach, executor of the Victor P. Leach estate, to Caleb J. and Tabitha Ruckel, property on U.S. 127, near Moreland, $69,300.

Richard L. and Diana Cort to Eric J. Nieman, approximately 266 acres in Lincoln County, on the waters of Dix River, $987,060.

Gene and Shelby Jean Noe to Daniel and Miriam Ison, 2.004 acres on Ephesus School Road, $22,800.

Hazel Enterprises, LLC, to Jose Angel Mendez and Soila Mendez Escamilla, a portion of lots No. 67 and No. 68, in Walter S. Dunn Farm Subdivision, located on Scott Drive, $6,600.

Jason G. and Brandy L. Hurt to Jeremy Paul and Sharon Renee Todd, 1.297 acres on Clubside Drive, in Dix River Estates Subdivision, $171,500.

Thomas and Anna Sims to Deborah Alexander, 0.333 acre on Sowder Street, Stanford, $110,000.

John Todd Morgan to Billy and Tammy Lake, 0.898 acre on White Oak Spur Road, $5,000.

William H. Watson, by and through his attorney-in-fact, Heather Lorraine Watson, to Christopher and Angela Benedict, 23.54 acres on KY Hwy 39, near Dog Walk community, $68,000.

Larry S. and Wanda Nichols and Joshua Eric and Arynda Nichols to Sheila Mullins, three tracts of land on U.S. 27, south of Stanford, containing 16.962 acres, $83,600.

Kenneth Turpin to Rebecca Lynn Mink, 3.25 acres on KY Hwy 198, $115,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Calvin R. Geist, property on Hazlett Hollow Road, $53,177.

Derek and Lauren D. Morris to Linda Pennington, lots No. 27 and No. 28, Eaton Subdivision, $84,000.

Morris and Dorothy Saylor to Lisa Dowell, 1.026 acres in Lincoln County, $1, fair cash value of property conveyed is $15,000.

William Grant and Kristen T. Lucas to Adrian L. and Jamie L. Waddell, 49.591 acres on Stingy Creek Road, $371,000.

George D. New to Dexter Lee Mattingly, lot No. 30 of Spring Run Subdivision, $12,000.

Ruth D. Cryder to Susan Carmona, 2.384 acres on Johnson Road, gift, fair cash value of property conveyed is $120,000.

Heather N. Floyd to Casey M. Floyd, one acre on Mason Gap Road, property settlement, fair market value of property conveyed is $40,000.

Heather N. Floyd to Casey M. Floyd, 68.958 acres off KY Hwy 698, property settlement, fair market value of property conveyed is $145,000.

Heather N. Floyd to Casey M. Floyd, property on U.S. 127, north of Moreland, property settlement, fair market value of property conveyed is $40,000.

George and Tamera Beasley to George and Tamera Beasley, lot No. 26, Section 3, Silver Flats Subdivision, survivorship deed, fair market value of interest conveyed is $79,000.

Delores Ann Vance, f.k.a. Delores Ann Brewster, to Henry Harrison Brewster, 20 acres near Mt. Salem, property settlement.

Uneida Johnson to Bobby and Rachel L. Atwood, 5.128 acres on Hatcher Lane, $12,000.

Uneida Johnson to Thomas and Anna Sims, lot No. 39, Phase 1, Disney Place Development, containing 0.333 acre, $93,000.

Gary Wayne Jr. and Leslie Annette Lowery to William T. Cox and Sylvia D. Baker, lot No. 29 of Turkey Run Estates, located four miles south of Crab Orchard, $39,467.24.

James D. Smith to Ronnie and Ina Kidd, lot K of West View Acres Subdivision, $13,700.