Highland Elementary School Awards Day

Published 12:08 pm Thursday, July 26, 2018

Highland Elementary School recognized the accomplishments of its students on awards day at the end of the school year.
Students recognized include:

Mrs. Mullins’ Kindergarten

Racing to Excellence Speedway Awards: Easton Kirby, Kolsen Siler, Kennedy Miracle, Briar Waddell, Carter Weybright, Logan Reynolds, Paisley Tribuzio and Woodson Adams.
Reading Award: Jaxton Henderson, Woodson Adams, Paisley Tribuzio, Kolsen Siler, Kiley Padgett, Logan Reynolds and Carter Weybright.
Presidential Gold Award: Carter Weybright.
Presidential Silver Award: Logan Reynolds.

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Ms. Lee Ann’s K-1 Class

Storm Douglas: First grade completion certificate; A/B honor roll; Aviator of the Month.
Kendall Glass: First grade completion certificate; handwriting; PE; Aviator of the Month; Racing to Excellence.
Claire Hall: First grade completion certificate; President’s Award; All A’s honor roll; Racing to Excellence.
Gavin Manning: First grade completion certificate; handwriting; PE; A/B honor roll; Art. Rosa Halcomb: Kindergarten diploma; citizenship.
Braylin Penningon: First grade completion certificate; improvement.
Cameron Dowell: First grade completion certificate; President’s Award; Racing to Excellence.
Sanora Yocum: First grade completion certificate; citizenship.
Jaxsyn Durham: Kindergarten diploma; Racing to Excellence.
Myles Caroll: Kindergarten diploma; handwriting; President’s Award; Aviator of the Month; Racing to Excellence.
Lily McClure: Kindergarten diploma; improvement.
Parker Berry: First grade completion certificate; citizenship.
Ben Ramsay: Kindergarten diploma; improvement.
Gabby Robertson: Kindergarten diploma; handwriting; Outstanding Student; art; Aviator of the Month.
Max Slone: Kindergarten diploma; Improvement Award; Racing to Excellence.
Peyton Sneed: Kindergarten diploma; improvement.
Daulton Wall: Kindergarten diploma; citizenship; Aviator of the Month.
Taylen Wood: Kindergarten diploma; President’s Award: Racing to Excellence.
Willa Wright: Kindergarten diploma; Outstanding Student; music; Aviator of the Month.
Max Adams: First grade completion certificate; music.
Alley Crawley: First grade completion certificate; citizenship.
Bella Denny: First grade completion certificate; A/B honor roll; Aviator of the Month; Racing to Excellence.

Mrs. Berry’s First Grade

All A’s Honor Roll: McKinley Lewis.
A’s and B’s Honor Roll: Esdras Hernandez, Eli Slone, Braxston Snow and Addie Walls.
President’s Award: McKinley Lewis, Eli Slone and Addie Walls.
Racing to Excellence: Carter Folger, Amethyst Fraley, McKinley Lews, Jaiden Siler, Eli Slone, Braxston Snow, Addie Walls and Christopher West.
Music Certificate Awards (Mrs. LeMaster’s): McKinley Lewis and Eli Slone.
Art Achievement Certificate Awards (Mrs. LeMaster’s): Lilah Fannin and Esdras Hernandez.
Drama Outstanding Performance Achievement Certificate Awards (Mrs. LeMaster): Amethyst Fraley and Connor White.
Library Outstanding Student Certificate Award (Mrs. Padgett): Carter Folger.
Physical Education Awards (Mrs. McQueen): Addie Walls and Christopher West.
Completion of One Year of First Grade at Highland Elementary: Lilah Fannin, Kelzi Fox, Layla Halcomb, Charliy Horton, Kenny Kidd, McKinley Lewis, Makenna Oaks, Manuela Middleton, Eli Slone, Kyleigh Tillett, Christopher West, Connor White, Carter Folger, Amethyst Fraley, Esdras Hernandez, Taygan Hubble, Charity Lewis, Bentley Moore, Payton Price, Jaiden Siler, Braxston Snow, Addie Walls and Serra Whirls.
Various Class Awards: Caring: Kyleigh Tillett; Problem Solver: Carter Folger; Bookworm: Braxston Snow; Best Actress: Payton Price; Best Actor: Connor White; Best Singing: Manuela Middleton; Best Handwriting: Esdras Hernandez; Extra Effort; Jaiden Siler; Creative Thinker: Bentley Moore; Best Helper: Charity Lewis; Super Reader: McKinney Lewis; Most Dependable: Lilah Fannin; Best Smile: Kelzi Fox; Sharing: Makenna Oaks; Organizer: Charliy Horton; Friendship: Taygan Hubble; Most Improved: Serra Whirls; Computer Whiz: Christopher West; Awesome Attitude: Kenny Kidd; Most Curious: Layla Halcomb; Citizenship: Addie Whirls; Hardest Worker: Eli Slone; Most Cheerful: Amethyst Fraley.

Ms. Cox’s Second Grade

All A’s honor roll: Samantha Anderson and Audrey Sinner.
All A’s and B’s honor roll: Arianna Bennett, Sierra Denton, Beylah Dowell, Greyson Hubble, Christian Turner, Tayzlee Parks and Riley Walls.

Lezli Adams’ Class

All Year All A’s: Gracelynn Duck, Sara Fletcher, Carson Johnson, David Johnson, Alexus Jones, Gabe Pope.
All Year All A’s and B’s: Mattix Cope, Kaden Manuel, Chloe Pennington, Carson Saylor and Colson White.
Presidential Gold: Sara Fletcher.
Presidential Silver: David Johnson.
Citizenship: Kaden Manuel and Raitree McKinney.
Racing to Excellence: Chloe Pennington, Kaden Manuel, Layne Kirby, Carson Saylor, Gabe Pope, Mattix Cope, Alexus Jones and David Johnson.

Mrs. Smith’s Third Grade

Presiden Gold: Piper Kubiak.
President Silver: Katie Peavley.
Principal Boy: Logan Allen; Principal Girl: Dani Morrow.
Honor Roll all year: Logan Allen, Jaden Gonzalez, Luke Hull, Piper Kubiak, Dani Morrow, Katie Peavley, Rylee Perkins.
Math: Luke Hull, Brice Johnson, Katie Peavley, Will Peek.
Science: Logan Allen, Brice Johnson, Piper Kubiak, Will Peek.
Racing to Excellence – Pilots: Alivia Crawley, Connor Halcomb, Luke Hull, Piper Kubiak, Destiny McConnell, Alli Murphy, Katie Peavley, Rylee Perkins, Haylee White.
Citizenship: Alivia Crowley, Connor Halcomb, Piper Kubiak, Destiny McConnell, Dani Morrow, Alli Murphy, Katie Peavley, Rylee Perkins, Haylee White.

Padgett’s Third Grade

Presidents’s Award: Gold – Will Peek; Silver – Brice Johnson.
Principal’s Award: Bristol Bennett and Brice Johnson.
Reading – Highest Average: Piper Kubiak, Katie Peavley, Will Peek and Brice Johnson.
Social Studies – Highest Average: Piper Kubiak, Katie Peavley, Will Peek and Brice Johnson.
Honor Roll – All Year: All A’s – Brice Johnson and Will Peek; A’s and B’s – Bristol Bennett, Lesly Hernandez-Perez and Brooke McAninch.
Citizenship: Bristol Bennett – perfect; Brice Johnson – perfect; Emma Murphy – perfect; Amelia Caudill – great; Chloe Hubble – great; Abby Murphy – great; Haylee Pitman – great; Peyton Tillett – good; Madison – good; Cassandra Adington – good.
Pilots – Racing to Excellence: Will Peek, Brice Johnson, Peyton Tillett, Bristol Bennett, Chloe Hubble, Emma Murphy, Abby Murphy and Haylee Pitman.

Ms. Lisa’s Awards

Pilot of the Month: Abby Bastin, Makenna Berry, Noah Carter, Alissa Crawley, Bryce Floyd, Kylar Goodin, Bailee Hubble, Steven VanHook and Landyn Johnson.
Citizenship Award: Abby Bastin.
Spelling: Abby Bastin, Sean Brown, Sawyer Robbins and Chloe Pope.
Reading: Abby Bastin, Kaitlyn Yocum, Hallie Mullins and Gavin Lewis.
Honor Roll: Abby Bastin, Makenna Berry, Olivia Eastham, Kaylar Goodin and West Muse.
President Award Gold: Abby Bastin.
President Award Silver: Kylar Goodin.
Principal’s Award: Makenna Berry and West Muse.
Special Teacher Awards: Abby Bastin, Noah Carter, Isabelle Detillion, Olivia Eastham, Bailee Hubble, Xavier Johnson, Justin Mounce and West Muse.

Tillett’s Awards

Fourth Grade Math: Abby Bastin and Hailee Hardy.
Fifth Grade Math: Chloe Pope, Hallie Mullins, Gavin Lewis, Sawyer Robbins, Baylor Adams, Kinsley Reed, Reece Carlton, Jax Reynolds.
English Awards: Addy Hubble and Hailee Hardy.
Honor Roll All A’s: Brycen Mullins.
Honor Roll A’s and B’s: Blaze Bennett, Sean Brown, Hailee Hardy, Addy Hubble, Zoe Smith, Alyssa Underwood, Hayden Wiser, Ashlynn Wooton and Kaitlyn Yocum.
Kentucky Speedway Pilot’s of the Month: September – Ashlynn Wooton; October – Brycen Mullins; November – Zoe Smith; December – Johnny Adkins; January – Cassidy Allen; February – Brayden Sims; March – Sarina Caudill; April – Hayden Wiser; May – Jerika Trailor.
Principal’s Award: Boy – Hayden Wiser; Girl – Ashlynn Wooton.
President’s Award: Gold – Brycen Mullins; Silver – Hailee Hardy.
Citizenship Award: Sarina Caudill and Brycen Mullins.
Music/Art/Drama: Blaze Bennett (music); Zoe Smith (music); Brycen Mullins (art); Hailee Hardy (art); AJ Morgan (drama); Addy Hubble (drama); Johnny Adkins (P.E.); Cassidy Allen (P.E.).
Library (homeroom only): Cassidy Allen.

Robertson’s Awards

President’s Awards: Gold – Chloe Pope; Silver – Gavin Lewis.
Principal Award: Halle Mullins.
Citizenship Award: Chloe Pope, Gavin Lewis, Luke Ratliff, Hallie Mullins and Trevor Vest.
Kentucky Speedway Award: Gavin Lewis, Hallie Mullins, Trevor Vest, Chloe Pope, Ethan LeMaster, Lindsay Bryant, Luke Ratliff, Haley Hobdy.
Honor roll – all A’s all year: Gavin Lewis, Hallie Mulins and Chloe Pope.
Honor Roll – A/B all year: Lindsay Bryant and Ethan LeMaster.
Fifth Grade Science Awards: Chloe Pope, Gavin Lewis, Hallie Mullins, Sawyer Robbins and Baylor Adams.
Fourth Grade Science Awards: Brycen Mullins and Abby Bastin.
Fifth Grade Writing Award: Reece Carlton, Hallie Mullins.

King Awards

Social Studies: Fourth grade – Hailee Hardy and Abby Bastin; Fifth grade – Sawyer Robbins, Gavin Lewis and Chloe Pope.
English: Fifth grade – Reece Carlton and Baylor Adams.
All A’s Honor Roll all year: Baylor Adams, Pacience Anderson and Sawyer Robbins.
A/B Honor Roll all year: Reece Carlton, Chealsea Gonzalez, Caleb Carrier, Kinsley Reed and Jax Reynolds.
Conduct Awards: Baylor Adams, Kinsley Reed and Sawyer Robbins.
President’s Gold Award: Sawyer Robbins; Silver Award: Baylor Adams.
Principal’s Award: Boy- Jax Reynold; Girl – Pacience Anderson.
Kentucky Speedway (Pilots of the Month): Pacience Anderson, Sawyer Robbins, Baylor Adams, Jax Reynolds, Chealsea Gonzalez, Reece Carlton, Kinsley Reed, Olicia Sousis and Caleb Carrier.