Skills USA seeking community’s help in fundraiser to send students to state championships

Published 11:58 am Thursday, March 22, 2018

Skills USA, founded in 1965, was more commonly known as Vocational Industrial Clubs of America. (VICA) until July 4,1999.

Skills USA is a partnership of students, teachers and industries working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. Skills USA serves more than 335,000 students and instructors. This includes 19,000 instructors an alumni, Skills USA membership has a total of 395,000 members! 

Here at Lincoln County Tech Center, our Skills team has 33 members which meet a minimum of once a month.

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On Feb. 14, 2018 we conducted a meeting with our students about Skills competitions. We, as a chapter, have been selling a copious amount of beef jerky sticks to help come up with money to send our students to these competitions.

As a chapter starting out the beginning of the year, we had $450. Since then, we have raised $500 selling jerky sticks, which puts our balance at $950. However, we would like to send all students who won regional competition to Louisville to compete for state championships.

To do this we need about $1,500 more for entrance fees for our bus, food, hotel, etc… As a chapter we would like to ask for your help in sending our students on to state to help them better themselves, show them new experiences and help further their careers,
Skills USA is about being a leader not a follower. Any donations will help our students become better citizens and more successful adults. It is important to send our local winners to state as well as retain some money to keep our club active till we can manage to participate in more fundraisers.

Donations can be deposited at PBK Stanford Branch into their Lincoln County Skills USA Club account. Skills USA advisors Beverly Gaddis and Sonja Baker are listed as account administrators.