LCHS cast to unleash “Beauty and the Beast”

Published 11:36 am Thursday, March 15, 2018

The big screen is not the only place to find the Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast.”

The Lincoln County High School Chorus and Drama Departments are performing the musical Friday and Saturday, March 23 and 24 on the stage of the Stuart Underwood Auditorium.

The play will be performed at 7 p.m. both nights. Tickets are $10 and are currently on sale at the high school, 606-365-9111.

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“Beauty and the Beast” is based on the book by Linda Woolverton, and is adapted from Walt Disney Pictures’ Academy-Award winning 1991 animated musical film.

The musical tells how Belle is taken prisoner by a beast in a castle. Despite her fears, she befriends workers in the castle. She learns to look beyond the beast’s exterior, allowing her to recognize his kind heart and soul of the true prince that hides inside his beastly exterior.

Alli House and Trey Baldwin have the lead roles of “Beauty and the Beast” in the musical.

Narrator (Voiceover): Anna story, Julia Felipe, Hannah Smith, Lexy Clark, Emily Shaddox
Young Man (selfish prince): Trevor Bennett
Old Beggar Woman: Malyha Kyle
Belle: Alli House
Maurice: Holden Stamper
Gaston: Samuel Bullock
Beast: Trey Baldwin
LeFou: Weston Baker
Monsieur D’Arque: Madison Caudill
Cogsworth: Celia San Juan
Lumiere: Katie McWhorter
Babette: Raychel Brock
Mrs. Potts: Jessie Wilson
Chip: Sophie Cornett
Madame De La Grande Bouche: Allison Westerfield
Silly Girls: Gracie Reed, Hannah Jeffries, Morgan Collins
Gaston’s Cronies/Townsmen: Daniel Oaks, Trevor Bennett, Ein Rousey, Seth Reynolds
Villagers/Townspeople (Specific Parts to be designated later): Malyha Kyle, Rachael Lynn, Emily Lynn, Julia Felipe, Kaitlyn Polston, Liz Roberts, Maranda Young, Emily Shaddox, Bailey Shelton, Katie Koontz, Koral Ranck, Anna Story, Gentry Osbourn, Lexy Clark, Bae~BAe Smith, Hannah Smith, Sadie Lawson, Carmen Felipe, Emmie Releford, Alex Caudill, Peyton Ramsey, Lilly Blanton
Lady with Cane–Emily Shaddox
Aristocratic Lady–Gentry Osbourn
Egg Man–Liz Roberts (Rachael Lynn)
Lady with Baby–Bae-Bae Smith
Sausage Curl Girl–Kaitlyn Polston (Emily Lynn)
Baker–Katie Koontz
Baker’s Wife–Julia Felipe
Baker’s daughter–Carmen Felipe
Fish Man–Lexy Clark (Sadie Lawson)
Candle Makers–Lilly Blanton, Bailey Shelton, Seth Reynolds
Hat Sellers–Hannah Smith, Alex Caudill (Both Women)
Milk Maids–Anna Story, Emmie Releford, Peyton Ramsey
Shepherd Boy–Ein Rousey, Koral Ranck, Trevor Bennett
Bookseller–Maranda Young
People in the Bookshop– Daniel Oaks
Wolves–Maranda Young, Koral Ranck, Katie Koontz, Lilly Blanton
Gargoyles–Alex Caudill, Emmie Releford, Daniel Oakes,
Be Our Guest Dancers/Cast:
Napkins: Gracie Reed, Bae-Bae Smith, Hannah Jeffries, Lilly Blanton, Peyton Ramsey
Plates: Emily Shaddox, Anna Story, morgan Collins, Kaitlyn Polston
Forks: Carman Felipe, Lexy Clark, Katie Koontz, Koral Ranck
Knives: Holden Stamper, Sadie Lawson, Maranda Young, Ein Rousey
Spoons: Gentry Osbourn, Julia Felipe, Bailey Shelton, Rachael Lynn
Whisk Broom: Liz Roberts
Sugar Bowl: Malyha Kyle
Pie Server: Trevor Bennett
Cheese Grater: Hannah Smith
Egg Beater: Madison Caudill
Vase: Seth Reynolds
Cork Screw: Emily Lynn
Backstage:Makenzie Deaton