Lincoln school district offers employee attendance incentive

Published 11:15 am Monday, January 22, 2018

The Lincoln County Board of Education has authorized the Student Support Center to create and implement an Attendance Incentive Program (AIP) to reward outstanding employee attendance (both classified and certified). Employees reaching or exceeding a 98% threshold for attendance based on their individual calendar will be rewarded a maximum of $260 per semester.

The following criteria will be used in order to determine eligibility in the Attendance Incentive Program. This is not an all-inclusive list since it is impossible to predict all circumstances. Should there be an issue that arises not covered by these criteria, it will be referred to a committee of four employee representatives (Personnel & Human Resources Coordinator, Principal, Classified employee, and Certified Employee).

* Employees must reach or exceed a 98% threshold for attendance based on their individual calendar during one or both semesters of the school year. (There is separate opportunity for each semester; award money is divided equally for each semester.)    

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* Employees with 100% attendance during one or both semesters will receive an additional bonus.

* This initiative is for full-time employees only.

* Approved bereavement days will not be counted as “missed days”.

* Approved non-contract days will not be counted as “missed days”.

* Any change to an employee calendar must be approved by their immediate supervisor in advance.   

* Awards will be issued in separate checks in January and June.

* For the sake of calculating consistently, we will either round up or down in making calculations. We will round numbers down to the closest whole number from 0.5 and below and calculations above 0.5 will be rounded up to the nearest whole number.   

* We will initiate this program on January 2, 2018 and on that day everyone begins with a “clean slate” based on their remaining contract. We will calculate each person based on their remaining contract from January 2, 2018 forward.

* Employees will be required to fill out a form requesting this reward. Forms must be turned in by the last school day (of the first semester) for first semester consideration and by the last school day (of the second semester) for second semester consideration. Extended day employees must turn in the second semester request by June 15th. Requests will then be verified and checks issued on January 10th and June 30th. If an employee’s request is denied for any reason they will receive an explanation from their supervisor. 

Employees must turn in a form to request this award; no employee will be considered for this program unless they turn in a signed form to their supervisor. Forms will be provided to your supervisor for distribution.   
For purposes of this program, your supervisor is the person who conducts your evaluation.  


The monthly perfect attendance awards are $10 per month January through December. For each semester an employee achieves 98% attendance, their name will be placed in a drawing for the grand prize (98% attendance for both semesters equals two chances to win).

The perfect attendance award bonus for January through May and August through December is $100. The bonus is in addition to the semester 98 percent attendance award. 

The grand prize is an all-inclusive vacation for two to Hawaii.