Texas group proud to receive help from Moreland Christian Church

Published 3:45 pm Friday, September 29, 2017

Dear Editor, 

People don’t always have the best things to say about Christians – rightfully so, as many things said and done don’t reflect the character of the one they follow. That being said, we recently met some that absolutely do. 

Moreland Christian Church had no connection to our church or community, they just saw our desperate situation following Hurricane Harvey and messaged us to ask what they could do to help. 

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They showed up with 10 people, a smoker, food, equipment, brawn and love to serve. They removed mounds of dry wall, did demolition and cleaned in our flood-ridden church and some homes. They chose to sleep in the musty church so they could work long into the night. They helped provide clothing to teens who had lost all of their own. They served well over 800 meals. 

They brought light and hope to a situation which seemed very bleak. We’ve said “thank you” countless times but it doesn’t seem enough; we are forever grateful. 

They asked for no attention or accolades, they just saw the needs and went into action. They represented Jesus, their home Church, Moreland Christian, and Kentucky in a way we will never forget. 

We believe you should be ever proud of these fine people of your community, Christ Covenant Church of Beaumont, Texas certainly is. 

Marcia Mahlman

Lumberton, Texas