FYRSC helping to provide shoes for Lincoln County students

Published 3:11 pm Friday, August 25, 2017

Did you know that many students in Lincoln County wear interior footwear?

Students attend school every day with ill-fitting, worn out shoes. Others may not have appropriate shoes for gym classes, possibly only owning flip flops. Family Resource Youth Service Centers are collaborating with an organization called Happy Feet Equals Learning Feet to provide some of these students with quality footwear.

Happy Feet Equals Learning Feet, Inc. is a 501c(3) organization founded by Jerry Baird in 2009. They have partnered with Shoe Carnival and utilize school’s family resource youth service centers and others who work with children in an effort to provide needed students with quality shoes. “A new pair of shoes can build self-esteem and can also stop children from being bullied or made fun of”, says Jerry Baird.

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Family Resource Youth Service Centers are committed to breaking down barriers that keep our students from learning. If you would like to join us in our mission, a donation of any size will go towards purchasing a pair of shoes for a student.

For donations or more information, contact your local family resource youth service center. The centers are:

Crab Orchard Elem./Fort Logan High – Gail Owens – (606) 365-5828;

Highland/Waynesburg Elementary – Karen Hignite – (606) 669-0110;

McKinney/Hustonville Elementary – April Vickers – (606) 669-7264;

Lincoln County High School – Mindy Stevens – (606) 365-2671;

Lincoln County Middle School – Becky Burton- (606) 365-8272 X175;

Stanford Elem./Fort Logan Preschool – Susan Miller – (606) 669-4759.